Odys Wintab 9 Plus available with FullHD, HDMI, 3G for €199

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The 8.9-inch category looks like it’s going to be popular in 2015. Both ASUS and Toshiba have announced interesting products and in Germany we see that Odys are now offering a really interesting sub-500 gram option for a great price. The Odys Wintab 9 Plus 3G includes an HDMI port, separate USB and charging port, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of SSD and there’s a 3G modem thrown into the mix. A free year of Office 365 rounds-out what could be a great ultra-mobile PC package.

Odys have a number of Windows tablets in the market in Germany and the new 9 Plus continues their trend of low-cost solutions. By adding the 3G it makes it more interesting for ultra-mobile fans and because this is a 9-inch tablet it has enough space around the frame for an HDMI port, a micro_USB port (OTG and charging capable) and a full-size USB port. The official specifications don’t mention the full-size USB port but it’s clear to see on the images.

Odys Wintab 9 Plus (2) Odys Wintab 9

In an unboxing video by InstantMobile (German) you’ll also see the full USB port and an included USB OTB cable which is always good to have shipped with an OTG-capable device. First impressions includes comments on the brightness (acceptable) and the aluminium rear cover.  The HDMI port is a mini (not micro) port.  Charging time is said to be around 6 hours which certainly isn’t quick for a 24Wh battery.  There’s no GPS module inside. InstantMobile have also made a video focusing on gaming, Royal Revolt included.

The ASUS T90 Chi is a slightly smaller and much lighter solution in the 8.9-inch tablet space and it comes with a matching keyboard but at a street price of €199, with 3G, the Odys Wintab 9 Plus is a unique and well-specified ultra-mobile. We’ll keep an eye out for this model in other countries and if you spot it, possibly under another brand, please let us know. In the meantime we’ve put a request out to Odys for a review sample. Full specifications and more are available in our database.

Update: The Pipo W6 3G looks very similar although there’s no full-size USB port and the port layout is slightly different.

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  1. Ireen says:

    Nice specs, nice hardware for 200 euro’s. But Windows on a tablet …. no thank you.

  2. digi_owl says:

    I seems that shenzen has turned their eyes towards making wintel tablets.

    http://www.trekstor.de/detail-surftabs-en/product/surftab-wintron-101.html is a 10.1 from Trekstor that looks oddly similar in terms of internals.

  3. Chippy says:

    Similar specs but I don’t think it’s the same device as the port layout is different. It was the Full HD + 3G that I found quite unique on the Odys.

  4. digi_owl says:

    Ah sorry, was not trying to say they were the same device. Just that it seems that Shenzen has gotten on the Windows tablet treadmill, and various companies that previously was selling rebranded Android tablets are now starting to offer Windows tablets.

  5. Chippy says:

    It looks like this Odys is a rebranded Pipo W6.

  6. digi_owl says:

    Dunno, the spec sheet do not list a full size USB port (their 10.1″ W3F do though) and the front camera is on of the short edges. Never mind the complete lack of a Windows button.

  7. Chippy says:

    OK. Maybe I need to put my glasses on! As you said, lots of Shenzen-tier manufacturers now.

  8. Adrian says:

    I have one of these tablets and would definitely not recommend it. Despite having a bought a flip case, the screen scratches incredibly easily and mine is absolutely covered in them. Never had this issue on any other device, just wiping it clean caused one or two minor abrasions.

    The screen protector that it came with didn’t fit very well and made the colors washed out so eventually I had to remove it.

    Shame, because the rest of the device is good for the price.

  9. Chippy says:

    I’ve seen this on a Point of View Wintab 800W. The plastic covering on the screen scratched too easily. Thanks for the feedback Adrian.

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