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Toshiba Click Mini is shipping; but is it too late?

Posted on 18 April 2015

ASUS and Toshiba have a problem. They both launched 8.9-inch 1KG dockable tablets in Q1 2015 and before they got them to market the processing platform was upgraded and a shiny new product appeared. Microsoft’s Surface 3 runs on the brand new Atom X7 processor and clearly there’s going to be a run of new products leading up to Computex and ‘back-to-school’ period that will use X5 and X7 Atom. Why […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 extended review and tips. It’s still worth it!

Posted on 17 April 2015

After six months with the Surface Pro 3 I felt inspired to write a detailed review, and that says a lot about the product.

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Comparing the Surface 3 with the much cheaper Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

Posted on 16 April 2015

Everyone that has reviewed the Surface 3 so far has been fairly confident that it can be a laptop replacement. Actually it can’t until you buy the keyboard for it but in terms of performance it’s not bad. The issue is that the previous generation Atom arent that much slower. If you look closely at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (Windows version) you’ll see a product that makes the Surface 3 […]

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Intel Skylake showcase: E-ink, WiGig, RealSense, USB C, no-wires. (PDF and video)

Posted on 14 April 2015

Did you know that Intel makes own-brand tablets, laptops and 2-in-1s? I’ve had a couple and they’re pretty good. The latest is built on the next-generation Core platform codenamed Skylake which is due in late 2015.  Nicole Scott from Mobilegeeks got a close look at the prototype at Intel’s developer conference in Shenzen and I’ve just taken a look at a PDF presentation describing what’s inside. It’s inspirational, and that’s the idea […]

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The Surface 3 can Minecraft

Posted on 14 April 2015

When I was reviewing the last generation Intel Atom-based low-cost laptops and tablets there was one question that I got more than anything. “Can it run Minecraft?” The same question now applies to the Surface 3. The answer, on devices like the HP Stream 11, Acer E11 and ASUS X205 wasn’t very positive. At low settings you could get 30 FPS but there was a lot of stuttering.  The Atom X7 processor, […]

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My problem with app permisions. Example: G-Homa

Posted on 10 April 2015

I got an REV Ritter  remote-controlled power switch for my birthday. Wohoo! I had some of these remote-controlled switches about 10 years ago but they were RF-controlled. They’ve long since passed-away(take note if you’re investing in home automation electronics. 10 years goes by very quickly.) This one is WiFi controlled and has an app called G-Homa by a company based in China – Everflourish Electrical. There’s a problem though. A big […]

Intel’s Orchid Island is a Braswell 2-in-1 Reference Design targeting $299

Posted on 08 April 2015

Presented in a technical session at Intel’s IDF in Shenzen today were details about up-coming low-cost tablet and 2-in-1 platforms. The session covered a Core M reference design (used to make the Cube i7 low cost Core M tablet) and talked about the advantages of Atom X5 / X7. They also presented Brawsell as a solution for clamshells and 2-in-1s. Orchid Island is the reference design. It’s build around a […]

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Intel presents ‘no wires’ and Mini Lake Mini PC concepts

Posted on 08 April 2015

You are probably familiar with Intel’s NUC range of Mini PCs. They’ve been popular and now that Braswell is shipping you’re probably going to see a new range of them. Intel are also introducing a Mini Lake reference design that will be over 30% smaller. Beyond Mini Lake though is a proposal for a completely wire-free Mini PC. Meet the ‘no wire’ Mini PC.

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Braswell now shipping for low-cost fanless laptops, Chromebooks with 2X GPU power.

Posted on 08 April 2015

Intel’s Braswell platform, the replacement for the Baytrail-M platform that you see in many Chromebooks and low-cost Windows laptops under the Pentium and Celeron brand, is now shipping to their customers. Intel claims that it will have 2X GPU performance and that 40 designs are in the pipeline.

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Surface 3 Review units are out. Performance data is coming in.

Posted on 07 April 2015

I’ve read a number of first impressions posts today that show the Microsoft Surface 3 (Intel Atom X7, Windows 8.1) has gone out to reviewers in the USA. A few more pieces of the puzzle have been slotted into place and there’s now a huge race to get the first full review out. Don’t expect the first reviews to be too in-depth (battery life tests might have to be added later!) but […]

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ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 breaks new ground.

Posted on 01 April 2015

It’s lighter and cheaper than any other touch-enabled Chromebook and it even has a 360-degree rotating screen. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 is unique and almost a Chrome OS tablet. At a price of $249 there aren’t many questions that consumers really need to ask.

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