HP Chromebook 11 G4. Incomplete, official datasheet appears.

Updated on 17 June 2018 by

Someone has spotted a new datasheet on the HP website that details a Chromebook 11 G4. The current version is the G3 model and it’s been popular. What’s new in the G4?

In terms of design it’s exactly the same as the G3 model. The screen is still 1366×768 and it’s still got an N2840 Celeron inside. Wait, a Baytrail-M CPU?  Braswell-generation is already available and HP are still using the previous one?

Winfuture.de highlight the IPS screen option which is indeed new. The 3G/LTE option (which was actually announced for the G3 series but never got to the retail channels as far as we can tell) would effectively be new too.

Have we stumbled across a half-finished datasheet here? There are certainly some strange parts to it. “Up to TBD hours of battery life” is one example.

We’d be happy to see HP use the same chassis and 36 Wh battery but please, let’s have a full HD screen option. Putting the Chromebook 11 G4 under the HP Datasense plan (included data) would be nice too. Let’s hope this datasheet is a work-in-progress and keep our eye on it.

PDF here.

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