IOS 9 includes windows. It’s iMetro!

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After a day of Dell Venue 11 Pro testing and Windows 10 tablet testing I finally had time to watch Apple’s WWDC keynote. You’re probably ahead of me already in terms of general Apple news (Apple Music was the highlight) but I wanted to highlight some IOS 9 features here on UMPCPortal. It’s a step in the right direction, and a sign that Apple might be working towards wider form-factor support. IOS 9 will include a slide-in secondary app window, a video-overlay mode, keyboard shortcuts for text editing, cursor control via an on-screen touchpad and, for the iPad Air 2, splitview mode.

IOS 9 will support Splitview on the iPad Air 2

IOS 9 will support Splitview on the iPad Air 2

“We continue to lead in the post-pc era” says Tim Cook as he rounds-up the IOS 9 presentation at WWDC. Privacy was highlighted, productivity features too.

With IOS 9 there are improvements to the iPad keyboard which now has a touchpad feature for moving the cursor when using two fingers. Selecting, copying and pasting seems easier now but there’s also better support for real keyboards. A set of keyboard shortcuts will help speed up editing operations.

IOS 9 includes better support for keyboards

IOS 9 includes better support for keyboards


‘The big one’ in terms of IOS 9 changes is multitasking. The features are more like multi-windowing features but of course, Apple don’t want to say the ‘W’ word.

Three features have been introduced. Firstly, for all iPads supported by IOS 8, there’s a Slideover feature. You can slide in an app from the right side, use a pull-down to select an alternative app and then, if you have an iPad Air 2, drag the Slideover to the center to enable Splitview. You’ll have two apps running concurrently side-by-side and you’ll be able to copy text from one into the other. It all sounds very familiar, I know, but this is important because Windows 10 now loses another unique feature among tablet operating systems. Sure, you can float apps over one another in Windows 10 and use the corners and have infinite re-sizing but is that really so important on a mobile tablet?

Related: Here’s how you do splitview in tablet mode on Windows 10. [Video]

There’s a new app switcher in IOS 9 that you can access via a double-tap on the home button.

An interesting feature is the new picture-in-picture option. When you’re playing a video and see a notification you can select it causing the video to resizes and float on-top of the application that sent the notification. Interestingly this is not something that Windows can do without a 3rd-party application although a couple of requests for ‘always on top’ appear in the Windows 10 Feedback list.

IOS 9 has a new video overlay mode.

IOS 9 has a new video overlay mode.

Apple announced new APIs for the overlay and windowing features so we can assume that not all apps are going to support these features and note that while all IOS 8-supported devices will get IOS 9, only the iPad Air 2 will get the Splitview feature.

There’s just one obvious thing to say now. When is the iBook going to launch?

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  1. AdamF says:

    Ergh – iPad Air should never have come with less than 2GB of RAM… Expensive recent purchase (OH’s tablet) and now looks like it’ll be left behind early.

  2. Frank Cosgrove says:

    Looking forward to your review of Venue Pro 11, it looks great and Dell support has really improved. I’m looking at buying the high end one

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