Vaio Z Canvas targeted at professional media creators is a work of engineering art.

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The Vaio Z Canvas 12 is an amazing bit of engineering. It’s a 1.2 KG / 2.66 pound tablet with stand and keyboard cover which doesn’t sound like anything different…until you learn that this beast will run a K-series quad-core 47 W  Haswell processor. Holy smoking tablets Batman!

The money shot. Check out those pipes!

The money shot. Check out those fans!

Vaio Canvas 12

Vaio Canvas 12

I missed the announcement that this is coming to the USA but was tipped-off on it at IFA last week by someone who showed me a 3 KG beast of a convertible laptop prototype running an even higher-end CPU / GPU setup. Aimed at professional creators it’s got around 6 times the CPU power of a 4th Gen Core Ultrabook. Mobile videos editors and professional photographers need to be aware of this unique tablet PC.

The quad-core, hyperthreading-enabled Core i7-4770HQ processor has a TDP of 45 W which explains the triple-fan and heat-pipe arrangement inside. An Iris Pro 5200 GPU sits alongside.

The rest of the specifications are high-end too with good quality WiFi, screen  (2560 × 1704 95% RGB) and dual SSDs offering up to 1 TB of storage. 16 GB of RAM should be enough for most people too.

A 63Wh battery will help keep things moving along when you’re not near the mains power but don’t stay away for too long! Sony claim around 6-7 hours battery life but please note that this is a lonw-end JEITA test result. Rendering videos on this is going bring it down way below that, although that’s going to be an extremely productive time.

The port selection is extensive and the LAN port hints at where you’ll probably use the Canvas the most…on a desk, probably with the power cable attached too.


And the price? It was available under the Sony Vaio brand in Japan for a pre-tax converted price of US$2000 but the USA model , which will be running Windows 10, doesn’t have a price yet. It’s still got the Haswell CPU though which is a shame as that it just turned ‘2.’  Availability is ‘fall’ 2015, which is right round the corner.

Mobilegeeks had a hands-on with the Vaio Z Canvas at Computex earlier this year so take a look below.

The Vaio Z Canvas is going to be king-of-tablets when it launches in the USA so if you think a Surface Pro 4 won’t satisfy your requirements, keep an eye out for this one.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Dr. Azrael Tod says:

    actually that kinda looks neat

    I didn’t expect to say that about a actively cooled tablet

    But i could see myself using something like that instead of desktop-pcs in 1-3 years.

  2. john says:

    I really want to buy this tablet but my current laptop which is Sony Fit 15A 2 in 1 is the worst laptop that I owned. Terrible driver that constantly crashes the PC(which I fixed but still crashes least once a week), bad build quality(or rather design as the aluminium part is very sturdy but small bits of plastic are incredibly fragile), and weak keyboard.

    Really I wish Sony would design a laptop that last longer than a year.

  3. Joe Schmoe says:

    I fixed my 15A by updating the drivers in proper order (I did it incorrectly the first time) when I migrated to Windows 8.1 and then 10. I think this is the worst laptop Vaio ever designed from a thermal standpoint because mine runs without jetting air only when I place it on a cooling pad (to be fair, Surface Pro is the same, but Vaio should be better). I suspect they made a compromise because Sony wanted to shove more proprietary crap in the case instead of another fan needed to cool the 735M. But I still love my 15A, flaws and all, because it’s a 15″ drawing tablet with a great stylus (use my own grip), decent hardware, and lots of connectivity unlike the Surface Pros.

    The new Vaio Z (13A) has two fans which I hear are very quiet because they are asymmetric and run at different speeds in order to sonically cancel each other out. The Canvas is advertised to do this as well with its 3 fans, which should be a treat in person.

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