Gemini PDA.

Posted on 02 December 2017 by

Someone got hands-on with the Gemini PDA and now I’m all excited. If you had a Psion 5 Like I did, you’ll find this Android clamshell very interesting.

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  1. ArchiMark says:

    Interested in this lil’ guy too….been watching the updates and comments on Indiego for a while.

    Very tempted to get one, but got the GPD Pocket a few months back, so, hesitating to get another little laptop. But will probably end up getting one anyway… ;-)


  2. Matz says:

    Delivery is delayed to January and I’m looking forward to get the german version with the first shipping :-)

  3. chippy says:

    Indiegogo isn’t the most reliable crowdfunding platform but it will be interesting to keep watching this. It would be nice to review this for a 12-year birthday special in Feb 2018. 12 years after we talked about these devices.

  4. Adrian says:

    this unit means nothing without windows, i dont even know why u bother showing it (n)

  5. Robert says:

    I will defiantly get one of these when i can. Hows the gpd pocket treating you, interestined in getting one of these too

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