UMPCPortal survived the cull. 12 years old and still going.

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I terminated over 10 websites and domains in the last 72 hours but UMPCPortal, the site that I started as in Feb 2006, survives. It’s full of mobile computing history that needs to be preserved. Maybe in another 10 years we’ll be able to look back at the equipment and wonder how we ever survived. Here’s 2007, for example. Crazy!


You’ll notice that most ads and plugins and bells and whistles are now gone so the site is faster and hopefully more stable. It will feed into the UMPCPortal Facebook page so feel free to follow the progress and discussions there too. You might also notice that the sites Ultrabooknews and Chromwbookworld are gone. They were out of date and needed to be put to rest. I’ve imported and redirected the pages here on UMPCPortal.

Do you still use a UMPC? If so, let me know in the comments.

UMPCs in 2018. What you can expect from UMPCPortal.

Ultra mobile personal computers running Windows are no more, that much is clear. But ultra mobile personal computing continues. I’m not just talking about smartphones that have replaced them but also the smart and connected technology that you’ll now find in cars, bikes, cameras and home devices. I won’t be covering all that on UMPCPortal but I will continue to cover some of the stuff I love and some of the stuff I do in my daily work. This, for example…

And this, a multi camera mobile streaming solution.

I may also talk a bit about personal transport. Ulrta Mobile Personal Carriers!


I’m not longer a professional blogger (thanks to Facebook!) so if you want to follow my real work, you’ll find it here at HiBlue where I offer solutions for event live streaming and mobile video in and around my home city of Bonn, Germany.

Do you still use a traditional UMPC?

How many of you are still using a Windows-based UMPC? Are you looking forward to the Qualcomm-based solutions? What do you think of WIndows 10 as a mobile computing solution? Let’s continue this journey. All your reactions are welcome in the comments or over on Facebook.

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