Acer C720 vs Lenovo N20p

Posted on 20 September 2014 by

Acer C720


Lenovo N20p

These two Chromebooks look very similar, weigh very similar and have the same screen size but they’re for very different audiences. The Acer C720 has a classic laptop design while the Lenovo N20p has a rotating screen. There’s a big difference in the CPU being used too. Check out the comparison tool, video and specifications below.

Acer C720

Lenovo N20p

  • 2X processing power
  • Better keyboard
  • Good speakers
  • Good value for the processing power
  • Full size HDMI port
  • Upgradeable SSD
  • Fold-back, stand-mode touchscreen
  • Low power CPU
  • Fanless (silent)
  • Better battery life.


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