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Bob Morris (ARM) Talks Consumer Tablets with Stacey and the Compal Prototype.

compal7androidLast time we caught up with Bob Morris, Director of Mobile Computing at ARM, we spoke at length about consumer tablets and smartbooks, the software stack and what would attract a customer. I also asked him how significant the ‘smart’ device category was. At that time he said it was ‘extremely important.’ I’m guessing that after just 3 months, the category has even more weight within ARM to the point where it’s on the critical path.

In this interview, Bob talks to Stacey Higginbotham of GigaOM around the 7 inch Android-based prototype from Compal and poses the question, “What makes [tablets] hot and useful? inch Price-points are mentioned along with 1080p video, 3G and battery life over 10 hours. He also talk about ‘single pin number’ payments through another ARM technology that provides ‘ATM level security.’

I just can’t help thinking back to Origami when I see that tablet.



Interview with Bob Morris, Director of Mobile Computing at ARM (Subject: Smart Devices)

Bob MorrisARM can walk away from CES this year knowing that they and their partners did an excellent job of capturing a large amount of positive press and someone that probably went home very happy indeed was Bob Morris, Director of Mobile Computing at ARM.

I had the pleasure of spending about an hour with Bob where he demonstrated the Mobinnova Beam, highlighted an excelent Morgan Stanley mobile internet report and chit-chatted about some of the announcements, successes and challenges that remain for ARM and it’s partners.

He also took 10 minutes to record an audio interview with me where he talks about the ‘transition’ to mobile internet, the ebook reader explosion and the ‘year of tablets.’ I ask him how significant the ‘smart’ device category is to ARM, about the customers confidence in the software layer, the ARM advantage and finally, ‘what’s coming next.’

Click the embedded player to listen inline or the text link to download the interview.

Bob Morris interview

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