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Viliv X10 Android Tablet.

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Viliv X10 Android (2) We caught a sniff of a hint that an Android device was in the works when we met Viliv at CS in Jan and here it is. A 10 inch slate-style device with the usual high quality Viliv design and materials that turns out to be one of the best we’ve seen here at Computex. (It’s in the running with the MeeGo tablet and the Huawei S7 for me right now.)

The X10 runs on a Samsung 1Ghz Cortex A8-based CPU and, even in the early stage of the software build looks fast. Check out the brochure image for a few more tech details. The X10 is being penciled in for Q4 and Viliv appear confident that they will get marketplace and Google applications onto the device for launch. I asked about price and the only hints I could get were that it would come in at a price below the Viliv S5. We’re looking at the sub $500 bracket here which of course, is a figure you could probably work-out yourself!

IMG_3609 Viliv have also worked on a Windows 7 version of the X10 and I’ll have some information about that in a later post.

Check out the video below where I take you round the device, demo a fast racing game which looks great on the 1366×768 screen, show you the Aldiko book reader and  talk about some of the specifications.

More X10 Android pictures in the gallery.

Huawei S7 Might Just Be Tablet of the Show

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IMG_3593Update: Hands-on video and price now available.

We’ve seen the Huawei S7 before but have never had hands-on or even knew the details on the platform being used to drive it. At the Qualcomm press location today I got to sort both of those issues out and walked away impressed. This is a full 7 inch capacitive tablet running Android 2.1 with voice, 3G and full Google application suite. Yes, it makes calls but the form factor is just perfect for one-handed use. Personally, I think its the best Android tablet I’ve seen so far. No details on price or availability but we assume that Huawei will using their existing channels and partners to get this out. It won’t be cheap, but it’s got everything needed. I have a video that I’ll upload later. What do you think?


IMG_3596 IMG_3597

IMG_3598 IMG_3599

More details on the Huawei S7 in our database.

Intel Atom Software Summit. Intro and X3T Tablet Pics.

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IMG_3528 The Atom Software summit is just kicking of here at Computex. We’re expecting to hear about roadmap, support for advanced features such as multitouch, sensors, gestures. Different UI models from handset to netbook will be shown too. There’s also some hardware here that we’ll get to play with.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day because later we join the ultra mobility group for their presentation.

Update: Full overview of the session is now available.

X3T Tablet (3)X3T Tablet (2)X3T Tablet (1)

Hello from the Intel Atom Software Summit at Computex Taipei.

ASUS Press Conference – Computex (Pics, AppUp, EP121, 101TC, Eee Tablet)

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15:22 Jonney Shih on stage talking about gaming…hold you horses for a few minutes!


We’ve just been handed the images of the devices. (Thanks Netbooknews)

ASUS Eee Pad EP121 12 inch

ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC 10 inch


ASUS Eee Tablet

15:32 Still waiting for that tablet ‘news.’  The 12” Eee Pad looks rather huge. Comes with a docking station apparently. 10 hours battery life (It’s going to be heavy!)

Press release is available

See scans of press pack in previous post.

15:43 Still waiting. The Garmin A10 smartphone is now on the screen so we should be up next.


15:47 Here we go… Jonney talks about innovations around the Eee PC brand/ Lots of talk about ‘humans’ and ‘life’

Surprise ASUS just launched an app store based on Intel’s AppUp architecture.


This is important for Intel as it means AppUp will be pre-installed. This is  great news for Intel.

15:55 Here comes the tablet news . EP121 with docking station.



EeePC 101TC


Eee Tablet:



OK. Winding down here. We’ll try and get some hands on after the conference but there are some real wolves in here!

End of post.

“Have Patience” – Nvidia on Tablets at Computex.

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The tablet featured first in the press conference but there were no product announcements. We’ve actually left the event to head on out to the ASUS press conference.

The tablet has the “ability to allow is to enjoy nearly all the content that we would like to enjoy on a computer today” says Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, who went on to talk up the potential market for tablets, his excitement and of course, the Tegra 2.

Surprisingly, he then said “have patience” and went on to explain that devices should come to market in the fall. Just how long is this Tegra story going to drag on?

Here are the relevant slides from the conference…

Capture_00034 Capture_00031 Capture_00029 Capture_00032 Capture_00028

We’ve Landed at Computex. ARM, MSI and ASUS coming-up.

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IMG_3383 Today is day Zero (many of you reading this will still living out Sunday but it’s already Monday here) and the action starts in just a few hours with a press conference from chip designer ARM. We’re not expecting anything new to be announced in our area because the Cortex A9 (multi-core ARMv7 architecture) is still just starting to ramp-up with OEMs but we might hear a little bit about Mali, the GPU architecture,  and maybe some hints about future architectures. Mostly, we’re just expecting a partner parade and if we’re lucky, one or two product announcements and maybe, just maybe, some tips about how the operating system space is shaping up in ARM’s non-smartphone world. 

Later today we’ll be hearing from ASUS and there’s an MSI press conference too that I’ll try and report on. Finally, I’ll be attending Mobile Monday here and maybe even giving a short talk on something. Handheld software is in my mind right now but we’ll see what comes up during the day.

Grab yourself a nice Jasmine Team, sit back and enjoy the show. You can go behind my scenes by checking out the stream at https://www.umpcportal.com/behind-the-scenes/ or for near real-time action, my twitter stream @chippy

UMPCPortal / Carrypad schedule for Computex Starts Monday


image Computex is one of the biggest and definitely the most important trade show of the year for mobile computing. Not only is it located in the heartland of notebook, netbook and mobile computer design and manufacture but it’s an event that I get additional access to through our friends at Intel. I’m part of the Intel Insider program which is covering my trip to Taipei and giving me some guidance and behind-the-scenes access to information and people. It was last year that we spotted the first Moorestown ‘Mediaphone’ and learnt a lot about Moorestown internals. We had a preview of the Viliv S10 and N5 behind closed doors and walked away with a review sample of the Viliv X70. Of course there were a ton of ARM-based devices too.

This year it looks to be an even more exciting as the sector warms up even more. There are hints that the ultra mobile PC is back, at least in tablet form, as Intel prepares special silicon. We think it’s going to be a Moorestown variant that will work for any type of thin and light handheld device and will be a significant step forward from the Menlow platform; enough that even I might consider switching to Windows 7! We’re expecting to see Meego for handhelds demonstrated along with Android on Moorestown too and I’m betting we might even get the first product announcement in that area. As for ARM-based solutions, we  should see a lot of activity from Nvidia, Freescale, Ti and Qualcom as they continue to demonstrate the capability of their platforms. [ARM platform round-up here.] There’s a possibility that HP could demonstrate an early build of WebOS on a tablet and we need to watch HP closely for news about their rumored WIn 7 tablet. That would be a good one for Intel to bring out on stage as a demonstration of a super-thin Windows solution on the new Oaktrail platform!


The schedule:

I fly out tomorrow (Saturday 0900 CEST) and arrive on Sunday (1100 local time) to meet up with JKK, Sascha, and many other tech-bloggers. We’re obviously going to see what we can sneak into on Sunday and Monday and then, as the doors open on the Nangang exhibition hall, I plan to be there to do a first quick round of the two floors before meeting with Intel to get a tour of their booth.

Monday: Preparation, sneak peek! Possible Mobile Monday event.


  • Doors open on the exhibition.
  • Intel booth visit.
  • Intel keynote (2-3 p.m) from Dadi Perlmutter.
  • Evening: Press dinner. Blogger meet.


  • Intel Atom software summit. 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m At 2.5hrs, this is obviously an important topic for Intel.
  • LIVE BLOG on Carrypad : Intel Ultra Mobility Group event. 2-3pm [time in your location] Anand Chandrasekher will speak. This is the important one for us. It will cover smartphones, smart tablets, umpc and netbook sectors.
  • Evening: Press event with Intel representatives. Blogger meet-up.


  • Floor coverage at both Nangang and International Conference Center.


  • As Thursday. Possible Meet:Mobility podcast.

As you can see, I will remain fairly Intel-focused but don’t expect Intel-only news. Both Ben and Guy will be covering news on Carrypad and UMPCPortal as it breaks and I’ll be feeding them tips from the bloggers out in Taipei. Main, edited content will appear on UMPCPortal (productivity, Windows 7 focus) and Carrypad (consumer, mobile OS focus) but if you want to keep up with the behind the scenes updates, stay tuned to this RSS feed that I’ve constructed from various sources. It will be constantly available here. The official Computex website is here.

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