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The Ultrabook Database – Improved!

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I’m sure many of you have been in and looked around the product database. We’ve kept it up to date with every Ultrabook and it’s been extremely popular. 20% of our site traffic is now going to the database.

Over the last year we’ve built tools around the database to try and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for but today I updated the interactive list with a couple of new features that will help you navigate through the next wave of Ultrabooks that will be offering more features in new form factors.



The Ultrabook database is here.

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Ultrabook Alternatives Added to the Database

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We love Ultrabooks but we also love the competition from other parts of the notebook industry.  Lower prices, faster processors, bigger batteries, discreet graphics and other features give the consumer a choice and challenge the designers of  future Ultrabooks.  There are some devices that are closer (MacBook Air, Series 9) than others (DM1, SH771) but we can’t ignore them.

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Carrypad Device Overview

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I’ve just updated the Carrypad device database overview page to make it a million times more useful. Gone is the matrix of images and in-comes a new, interactive, sortable, filterable list of all the devices in the Carrypad database.

We have tablets, superphones, Internet media players, smart-books and of course, tablets. (In general, 4-10 inch devices targeted at the consumer) We have left out the PMPs (tip:head over to our partner, Pocketables.net for all the PMPs) and the netbooks (Tip: Head over to our partner Liliputing.com for all the netbooks.) We don’t have dedicated e-readers in the database yet but we’re looking for a partner to help us there.


The device overview page is ordered by popularity and contains links to the detailed product information page that contains specifications, links, images, comparable products and videos. You can type in the ‘search’ box to refine the list (Try typing ‘Android’  or ‘7 inch’ for example) and each column is sort-able. Just click on the top of each column.

Devices are going into the database as soon as we have enough specs so be sure to bookmark and check back regularly.

Click to see an oerview of all the tablets, smartphones, smart-books, pads, mids etc. from our database.

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UMPCPortal Top 10

GPD Pocket 2
7.0" Intel Core m3-8100Y
Viliv S5
4.8" Intel Atom (Silverthorne)
GPD Win 2
6.0" Intel m3 7Y30
Acer Aspire E11 ES1
11.6" Intel Celeron N2840
Archos 9
9.0" Intel Atom Z510
Microsoft Surface Go
10.0" Intel Pentium 4415Y
HP Chromebook 11 G3
11.6" Intel Celeron N2830
Lenovo ThinkPad P40
14.0" Intel Core i7 5500U
Lenovo IdeaPad A10
10.1" ARM Cortex A9 (Dual-Core)
Samsung Galaxy Book 12
12.0" Intel Core i5 7200U