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Sony Bringing Touchscreen to Vaio T14 Ultrabook, Also Introducing New T15 w/ Touch

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sony vaio t14 ultrabook optical drive

Since introducing the Vaio T11 and T13 Ultrabooks last year, Sony has added the T14 to the lineup and also begun offering a touchscreen version of the T13 since the launch of Windows 8.  Now at CES, Sony is announcing that it is bringing touch to the T14 and adding and even larger unit, the T15 (also available with touch), to the T-series lineup.

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Larger Sony Vaio T14 Ultrabook Adds Optical Drive, Little Else

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Sony is now offering a Vaio T14 Ultrabook, a 14″ version of the company’s Ultrabook line. It joins the aptly named T11 (11″) and T13 (13″). This one slipped under our radar last month amid the flood of Windows 8 Ultrabooks being announced. Sony unfortunately missed an opportunity to add additional features to the T14, instead opting to included a dated optical drive.

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Sony Windows 8 Ultrabook Lineup: Duo 11 Starts at $1099, T13 Down to $669

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Sony has now officially revealed their Windows 8 Ultrabook lineup; release date for all products is on the 26th as the new OS launches. There’s the Duo 11 slider hybrid and the T13 (with touchscreen variants). Prices have been confirmed and Sony has dropped the non-touchscreen model of the T13 down to $669 making it one of the most attractive value Ultrabooks on the market. Whether or not the T11 will make a Windows 8 or touchscreen appearance has yet to be seen

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Sony Vaio T13 Testing Impressions

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We’ve got our hands on the Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook which has so far been quite impressive. In addition to having one of the the most unique designs in the Ultrabook market, the T13 is also one of the cheapest 13″ Ultrabooks you can get your hands on. The build quality is quite impressive  and it resumes nearly instantly from sleep. The T13 will soon be launching with a touchscreen and Windows 8 making this a better time than ever to see if it’s worth waiting for.

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Touchscreen Sony Vaio T13 Ready for Windows 8 Launch

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Sony has announced that it will be adding a touchscreen option to the company’s first Ultrabook, the Vaio T13. According to Engadget the ‘T13-2’ can be speced up quite nicely — up to a Core i7, 256GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM. Pricing doesn’t seem to be confirmed yet, but Sony mentions somewhere in the $1600 range for the aforementioned top-end model. The non-touchscreen Vaio T13 now starts at the fair price of $739; it is unclear how much the touchscreen base model will add to this starting price. The touchscreen T13 is expected to go on sale as Windows 8 launches later this month on the 26th.

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Sony VAIO Z Refreshed with Ivy Bridge Processors

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Sony’s most premium ultraportable, the VAIO Z, has finally been refreshed with Ivy Bridge processors. We watched over the last few weeks as VAIO Z stocks dwindled and Sony offered deals to get rid of the previous models. Now Sony is offering Intel’s latest Core i5 or Core i7 processors in the VAIO Z which feature the improved HD 4000 integrated graphics.

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Sony Vaio T Finally Launches in the US as a Very Affordable Ivy Bridge Ultrabook, Starts at $769

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Even though we blew the lid off of the Sony’s first official entry into the Ultrabook space a few weeks ago thanks to Sony EU, Sony US has been completely silent about the VAIO T series… until now. The VAIO T launches in the US as one of the first Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks, and also at a very respectable price: $769.

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Sony VAIO T Ultrabook Photo Gallery (T11 and T13)

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Sony surprised us last week when they finally jumped into the Ultrabook market with the VAIO T series. Shortly thereafter we got confirmation the T series would also be offered with the next-gen Ivy Bridge CPU, which I’m particularly excited about given that Intel says the HD4000 graphics will be twice as fast as the existing generation of Sandy Bridge Ultrabooks.

I’ve scoured the web for the best photos of the VAIO T series (T11 and T13 specs) that have yet been released. Here’s a high-res gallery of the slick looking Ultrabooks:

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First Hands-On With the Sony Vaio Ultrabooks Surface. Ivy Bridge Confirmed.

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“I have hands on for all the Sony Ultrabooks!” said the email from fellow Germany-based blogger Balazs Gal of Techfokus. Checking out his YouTube channel reveals three videos. That’s the Vaio T13, the Vaio T11 and a comparison video. Balazs also got confirmation, from an official representative, that there’s an Ivy Bridge version. Yes, the one we spotted!



I’ll link you to the news articles here. (Translations: T13  and T11) Check them out for a good set of pics. The videos are embedded below.

Update: The Sony T13 and T11 have the Intel HM77 chipset with integrated USB3.0 and other new features. The more interesting part of that is that it’s the latest chipset and it supports Ivy Bridge; Another confirmation that Sony are planning to right across the low-to high-end with this product. High-end versions with 512GB SSD and an Ivy Bridge Core i7 will be well over $2000, for certain but a $700 (or thereabouts) stating price brings it to the masses. Again, Ultrabooks proving they have a high dynamic range of use cases.

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Sony Vaio Q takes the Ultrabook to the next level

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sony vaio specs

Update: It wasn’t too difficult to spot the 01.04 on this right? Sony seems to have done very well with the joke though which was probably set up by a PR company. Search for a Sony Ultrabook on Google now and you’re likely to see the Series Q listed.  I suspect this is just the start of a Sony Vaio Q Ultrabook campaign.

Just how do Sony manage to do this every time? They led the way with their high-powered handheld UX-series UMPCs and it looks like they’re doing it again. This time round it’s an Ultrabook.

The Sony Vaio Ultrabook looks incredible.

256GB SSD, 1080p display and discrete graphics.

You wonder just how far behind even the high-end Ultrabooks are going to look when this one launches. Video below.

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Ok, Sony. It’s Time to Shine in the Handheld Space Once Again

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Dear Sony,

You’ve made some of the coolest handheld devices that I’ve ever owned. From your Clie PDA line, I owned the Clie NR70 and the Clie UX50. From your VAIO UX line, I’ve owned the incredible UX180. I’ve owned a PSP which was stolen years ago and I recently purchased another one because I regard it as the best mobile gaming device on the market.

sony_clie_peg-nr70v clie3
sony_vaio_UX_Premium_1 sony psp

All four of these devices (and certainly many others in your handheld lines) emitted a blinding light of quality, reeked of design excellence, and were bathed in awesomeness. Each of these devices inspired wonder within me. They were true gadgets. Holding them in my hands made me think “wow, this is the future! inch. In school, I used to use the Clie UX50 to type notes and assignments in class, then I’d print it out in the library through the infrared port. That was awesome. And even if it did make me look like a total geek, it made people say “Wow, what is that thing? inch. The Clie UX50 had WiFi and Bluetooth before most people even knew what those terms meant. And a 3.2MP camera built-in (rotating camera, no less) – that was on par with digital cameras of the time, and was just one feature of a rich and useful device that I used for years.

You didn’t actually call your Clie line of devices “PDAs inch, you called them Entertainment Organizers, and for good reason. But most of the world wasn’t ready. They weren’t ready to embrace mobile. They weren’t ready to carry entertainment and productivity in their pockets. You’ve since canned your line of Clie PDAs, your UX UMPCs, and your Mylos. The PSP is great, but it becomes outdated with each passing day and is threatened by the likes of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Those that did accept your devices loved them. There’s a surprisingly active community of VAIO UX fans who have modded and enhanced the UX series beyond what some thought possible, but it can only be taken so far. They keep modding because they don’t want to let go of your awesome device. They don’t want it to fade away and be supplanted by something that doesn’t inspire the same awe.

Things have changed though. You’ve changed, Sony. The blame can no longer be placed on the world. You’ve entered a dark age.

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