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Ultrabook Ecosystem Meets Next Week

I wrote about the Ultrabook ‘project’ yesterday. That is, everything that is being done by Intel and partners across the world to create the best Ultrabook for the future. At meetings next week, Intel and partners will be meeting with the same aim – making the Ultrabook.


In a report at Digitimes, details on the Taiwanese leg of the Ultrabook Ecosystem Symposium have been revealed. According to another report, there’s a repeat of the event in China on August 2nd.

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Ultrabook Ecosystem Technology Requirements – IDF 2011


There’s much more to Ultrabooks than “Thin, Responsive and Secure.” In terms of laptop design the Ultrabook is one of the biggest overhauls ever. At IDF last week I learnt just how complex the Ultrabook design is and why Intel is calling-out to the ecosystem to help create the best Ultrabook components and designs.
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Give the Customer a Break

Surely there has never been a time in technology history since the last World War where products have advanced so quickly. The difference then was that the products weren’t aimed at the consumer and, even if they were, the consumer didn’t have the money anyway. This time round there are millions of relatively rich people able to buy whatever they want.

The thing is, there are some amazing products and services out there already but industry insists on changing, churning and cultivating new ones. The end user isn’t getting a chance to really get to grips with the current products and learn before they are told they need ‘better’ ones.

I feel a bit greedy when I think of how to improve the Galaxy Tab I’m using right now. The fact is that it’s a superb product for me and I should be spending time optimizing it rather than wanting more. After 4 years with my digital camera I’m still learning how to get more out of it. The same goes for phones, laptops and any other tech.

We need a break, and yet my business is to track down and test new technology and then present it to the end user. I’m one of the ones in the middle of all this.

Carrypad is 5 years old today and I’ve been thinking about the future. No, I don’t want to give up writing about technology but I feel I must strengthen my articles with a better perspective about longevity. I need to improve the way that I think about the potential customer (although I do feel I’ve been doing a good job at that in my reviews already) and to somehow put more emphasis on how-to, software and upgrade articles that can help users get more out of what they’ve already got. I’m also determined to call out any bullshit I see and to think carefuly about carrier control; something that could get out of hand.

Unless there’s a major world meltdown, there won’t be any changes in the pace of technology and product development so all I can do is to try and keep a better perspective and try and bring that to my posts. Add honesty, a cornerstone of the way I already write, and I think ill be happy to go on into the next five years.

Anyone else feeling they need a break from ‘new’ tech?

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