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Ultimate Coder Challenge Week 3 – Battle The Reality of Perceptual

Lee PCUltrabook_Kiwi_Catapult_Revenge

7 teams are finding out how hard perceptual computing can be in Week3 of the Ultimate Coder Challenge where showcase perceptual computing applications are being built for a Lenovo Yoga 13.

I’m involved with the judging of the Ultimate Coder event and every week you’ll find an update from me as I analyse the teams progress. We’ve also got a video for you and it’s a scorcher – due to the ‘event’ that happens 5 minutes into the video. It’s a must-watch and embedded below.

I’ve read through 7 long posts of detailed information which, this week, are projected from the minds of coders. There’s a ton of code being presented along with a few nice videos and some information about to handle variation and error data being produced by the PC receiver.

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Ultimate Coder Ultimate Challenge – Developer Tips from the 2012 Competitors.

It was towards the end of last year that we signed-off with the first ever Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge where four teams had 6 weeks to code an application that would highlight the unique features of Ultrabooks. Based around the use of sensors we learnt a lot of useful coding tips, user interface do’s and don’ts and saw six teams producing a varied range of applications. I have recently been in contact with some of the teams to get an update on what they learnt and to get coding and marketing tips for other developers thinking of working with Ultrabooks.

Coming soon! Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge II

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Video Interview. Chippy and Intel at IDF 2012

intel sw video screenshotThe Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge was a great experience for me, a challenge for the contestants and I hope, through the detailed information that was written by all concerned, a help and inspiration to some of you developers out there.

During my week at the Intel Developer Forum I met all the teams and also spoke to Bob Duffy who is not only a fellow Vic-20 fan but is responsible for organizing and communicating with the software community around Ultrabooks.

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 6 – Last Chance for Changes

chequered flagThe six teams competing in the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge have one more day to go. On the 28th September they must submit their final code to Intel. In the following week I will be testing and scoring with the other judges and on October 8th we’re going to see who’s won $10K.

Yes this is a promotional activity by Intel, but it’s one of the most interesting and educational I’ve ever been involved in. We’ve all learnt a lot and a useful trail of posts has been left by the contestants for anyone thinking about creating an Ultrabook-focused version of their Windows 8 application for either desktop or Windows 8 Store. You can find all of the posts, plus my commentary, here.

So on to the final week. Was it all about bug-fixing? Did anyone have to drop features? Read-on

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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 5 – IDF Inspiration

There’s nothing better for software innovation than getting a bunch of software innovators together, adding some hardware experts, some visionaries, a bunch of cool hardware, feedback from consumers… and a few glasses of alcohol. That about sums up what happened at IDF last week. Without reading any of the Ultimate Coder Ultimate Challenge blogs this week (see more below though) I know that all of the teams were stimulated to make changes, add features and optimize others. It’s late in the game (only 2 weeks to go) but I’m sure that there will be a few beta’s that get feature upgrades. Dangerous!


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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge Week 3 – The Alphas are Coming to Kill the Bugs

As well as learning a lot about Ultrabook sensors and features this week I also  learnt a new word. Spelunking might sound like a fetish but apparently it’s about exploring caves! Let’s do a bit of spelunking right now in the cave known as the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge. In week3 we’re getting down to serious detail.


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