Ultrabook Buyers Guide

Posted on 04 March 2012 by

You’ve heard about Ultrabooks and ultrathin devices, read some  articles, checked out a few pictures and now want to do some more research? You’ve come to the right page on the right website.

My name is Chippy and since June in 2011 I’ve been researching the Ultrabook and ultralight laptop market and writing news, reviews and reports here on Ultrabooknews. I’ve pulled together an extensive database of devices, a list of reviews, images and videos.

Below you’ll find important background articles, guides and, something we’re very proud of, the excelent product advisor that I’ve primed and updated with my Ultrabook product knowledge. I advise reading some of the key articles we’ve written since June 2011 but if you just want a simple way to find a device from the market, jump straight to the Ultrabook advisor which takes you through a simple set of questions to a list of Ultrabooks and ultralights that should suit you.

What’s an Ultrabook?

You should read this article. It will help you to work out the difference between the word ‘Ultrabook’ and the word ‘Ultralight.’ One is a trademark used by Intel, the other is a generic term for a thin and light laptop. We also call them Ultrabook alternatives. You’ll also find a description of some of the Ultrabook features and some Ultrabook buying tips.

The Ultrabook and ultrathin database

Want to take a look at some specs, reviews, images, forum comments and videos. Everything has been archived in our database for you and the database is updated on a daily basis, if not hourly.

The Ultrabook and ultrathin Advisor

This gets better and better all the time as I continue to feed information about products into it. I’ve created a set of questions and mapped the answers to feature ratings in Ultrabooks. This isn’t just a database-driven chooser, this is a human-driven knowledge engine designed to help you buy your device.

View this advisor in a separate page.