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Looks good. Looks expensive! No keyboard could put some people off.

Accessory bundle includes external DVD burner, foldable USB keyboard, and Bluetooth mouse.

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ASUS R50A Specifications

Manufacturer ASUS
Model name R50A
Model id R50A
CPU Intel Atom
CPU speed 1330 Mhz
Graphics Intel GMA 500 specs
OS Microsoft Windows Vista
Display Size
5.6" 1024 X 600
RAM 1024 MB
Weight (Minimum) 520gm / 1.15 pounds
Size 199/97/29.0 mm
Size 7.8/3.8/1.1 inches
Physical Interfaces USB 2.0 (x3)
Wireless Interfaces802.11b/g
Front and rear cameras
*Specifications can vary
ASUS R50A prices
USA$139930 Oct 12
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ASUS R50A news and review links.Date
ASUS R50 receives CES award.23/02/19
ASUS R3 reaveled at IDF23/02/19
R50A specifications from CES 200823/02/19
ASUS R50a video presentation23/02/19
R50a unboxing23/02/19

ASUS R50A alternatives

Cisco Cius, 7.0 inch, 522 grams (1.15 lbs)
Netbook Navigator Nav 7, 7.0 inch, 590 grams (1.3 lbs)
A 7" UMPC built on Atom fills a requirement for a number of markets but take note, this is the older Atom platform. (Z5XX) with the slower GPU (200Mhz compared to 400Mhz on the Z6xx series.) It's strange to see a device like this without any form of video out. The rear-mounted touch panel and mouse buttons should improve Windows usage although we would want to test that before recommending a buy. Weight seems acceptable - 550gms
Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, 7.0 inch, 422 grams (0.93 lbs)
Acer Iconia Tab A100 Wifi (XE.H6REN.006), 7.0 inch, 450 grams (0.99 lbs)
Acer have a little catching-up to do in the Android space. The A500 lagged in software updates but it looks like the A100 is shipping with 3.2. As a competitor to the Galaxy Tab it's priced well and should turn in better performance. Definitely worth a closer look, even for existing Galaxy Tab 7 owners.
HTC Flyer, 7.0 inch, 420 grams (0.93 lbs)
Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim, 7.0 inch, 448 grams (0.99 lbs)
Aigo Aigopad N700, 7.0 inch, 420 grams (0.93 lbs)
Enspert E201, 7.0 inch, 425 grams (0.94 lbs)
Good quality build. Enspert plan to get Google applications approval. Video codecs for H.264, DiVX will be pre-installed (plan)
Dell Streak 7, 7.0 inch, 450 grams (0.99 lbs)
With an opening price of $450 in the U.S. (T-Mobile) this is a relatively well priced tablet for one that includes multi-touch capacative screen, 3G and full Google Market and application support. The WVGA screen will show up in comparisons against higher resolution screens but should bring advantages for gaming. Early reviews are indicating battery life much less than equivalent 7" tablets although the Streak 7 only has a 10Wh battery and the dual-core platform could be using more energy than single-core equivalents.
Viliv X70 Slate, 7.0 inch, 420 grams (0.93 lbs)
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