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Not quite a mobile internet device due to lack of Bluetooth tethering capability. OPera browser is also slow and not as rich as, say, the Nokia N800. As a media player for internet content though, this is a great little package. Watch out for the extra cost of additional codec support and the browser license.

A high-end PMP with WiFI, uPnP capability and the Opera browser. A tidy all-in-ine PMP/Internet solution if you're looking to use online media.
Specifications here apply to the 4GB flash version. Other versions are available with hard disk.
Docking station and PVR station accesories can convert this into a media player and recorder for the home.

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Archos 605 Wifi Specifications

Manufacturer Archos
Model name 605 Wifi
CPU TI DaVinci (ARM 9 + co-processor)
OS Proprietary
Display Size
4.3" 800 X 480
Display Type
Soft (Finger) Touch
SSD 3.9 GB
Weight (Minimum) 190gm / 0.42 pounds
Size 122/82/15.0 mm
Size 4.8/3.2/0.6 inches
Physical Interfaces Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
SD card slot
Video-out (analogue)
Wireless Interfaces802.11b/g
No Bluetooth
No Wireless WAN (e.g. 4G)
Optional Specs and Accessories (can vary)
Docking station
Docking station
*Specifications can vary
Archos 605 Wifi prices
Europe€20030 Oct 12
USA$22030 Oct 12
UK£12030 Oct 12
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Using the Archos 605 as home video player.23/02/19

Archos 605 Wifi alternatives

Motorola Droid 3, 4.0 inch, 167 grams (0.37 lbs)
Samsung T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, 3.5 inch, 159 grams (0.35 lbs)
Motorola Photon 4G, 4.3 inch, 158 grams (0.35 lbs)
LG Revolution, 4.3 inch, 172 grams (0.38 lbs)
HTC Thunderbolt, 4.3 inch, 179 grams (0.39 lbs)
Motorola Droid Bionic (XT865), 4.3 inch, 158 grams (0.35 lbs)
Fairly similar to the Motorola Atrix except the Bionic lacks the desktop docking functionality of the Atrix and has half the RAM (1GB vs. 512MB). The Droid Bionic has a better rear camera than the Atrix (8MP vs. 5MP). Other than this and the carriers on which they operate, both are quite similar with 960x540 screens and running 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 CPUs (Dual-Core ARM A9 @ 1GHz). It'll definitely be a powerful phone, but may be bogged down with Motorola's Motoblur interface which has been seen to be sluggish on other phones (fortunately on Android that's easy to fix). It's surprising and disspointing that the Droid Bionic doesn't have the latest version of Android (2.3 AKA Gingerbread).
Motorola Droid R2D2, 3.7 inch, 169 grams (0.37 lbs)
HTC G2, 3.7 inch, 180 grams (0.4 lbs)
Keyboard looks good so far, however, with only four rows, things will get complicated with modifiers for numbers and punctuation.
DoCoMo Lynx SH-10B, 5.0 inch, 227 grams (0.5 lbs)
Great form factor for mobile productivity with Android (+Google apps) a Snapdragon platform and a 5MP camera. Unfrotauntely, as with most Sharp devices, it's unlikely to be available outside Asia.
Samsung Epic 4G, 4.0 inch, 156 grams (0.34 lbs)
With a 5-row keyboard and the Hummingboard CPU, this might just pip the Droid 2 to be one of the best keyboarded smartphones so far.
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