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With the relatively small battery, this is a MID that can't be used for long periods away from the charger but could enhance the in-car experience beyong simple navigation and mp3 playback.

Designed mainly for in-car use, the Clarion Mind has a well-developed user interface and accessory set. Preloaded with maps of the entire United States and Canada. Includes the usual set of Intel MID apps such as Firefox, RealPlayer and other applications.

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Clarion MiND Specifications

Manufacturer Clarion
Model name MiND
CPU Intel Atom (Silverthorne)
CPU speed 800 Mhz
Graphics Intel GMA 500 specs
OS Linux (Moblin core)
Display Size
4.8" 800 X 480
Display Type
Soft (Finger) Touch
RAM 512 MB
Battery capacity 6.3 Wh
Weight (Minimum) 323gm / 0.71 pounds
Size 171/96/27.0 mm
Size 6.7/3.8/1.1 inches
Physical Interfaces USB 2.0
SD slot (Micro)
USB 2.0 (Mini)
Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
Wireless Interfaces802.11b/g
No Wireless WAN (e.g. 4G)
Additional12v power adapter
Mono speaker
Car Mount
AC Adaptor
*Specifications can vary
Clarion MiND prices
USA$65030 Oct 12
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Clarion MiND alternatives

Sony Tablet P, 5.5 inch, 370 grams (0.82 lbs)
UMID mbook SE, 4.8 inch, 366 grams (0.81 lbs)
UMID BZ, 4.8 inch, 363 grams (0.8 lbs)
Solves all of the major issues of the original M1 and adds a useful mouse pointer. With battery life of over 4hrs this is now a serious contender as a productive, pocketable UMPC.
Inkia 500, 4.8 inch, 350 grams (0.77 lbs)
Lluon Mobbit, 4.8 inch, 375 grams (0.83 lbs)
Aigo MID (8888W), 4.8 inch, 340 grams (0.75 lbs)
Proving very popular with early adopters as one of the first PC-based MIDs to be available. The device is shipped with a relatively closed operating system but simple hacks are available that enable software installation.
UMID M1 MID, 4.8 inch, 315 grams (0.69 lbs)
Open Pandora Pandora, 4.3 inch, 335 grams (0.74 lbs)
MIU HDPC, 4.8 inch, 292 grams (0.64 lbs)
An interesting device that could be too converged for most people. Details very sketchy at this stage.
HTC Advantage X7510, 5.0 inch, 350 grams (0.77 lbs)
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