Fujitsu U2010 Specifications and information

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3.5hours under bapco is a wifi-off, low screen brightness test. Expect about 3hrs browsing on this device.

Fujitsu U2010 Specifications

Manufacturer Fujitsu
Model name U2010
CPU Intel Atom (Silverthorne)
CPU speed 1600 Mhz
Graphics Intel GMA 500
OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
Display Size
5.6" 1280 X 800
RAM 1024 MB
Hard Disk 60 GB
Battery capacity 20 Wh
Weight (Minimum) 610gm / 1.34 pounds
Size 171/135/33.0 mm
Size 6.7/5.3/1.3 inches
Physical Interfaces SD card slot
Compact Flash slot
USB 2.0
Wireless Interfaces802.11 a/b/g
BT (type unknown)
No Wireless WAN (e.g. 4G)
Fingerprint reader
*Specifications can vary
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Fujitsu U2010 alternatives

Cisco Cius, 7.0 inch, 522 grams (1.15 lbs)
Netbook Navigator Nav 7, 7.0 inch, 590 grams (1.3 lbs)
A 7" UMPC built on Atom fills a requirement for a number of markets but take note, this is the older Atom platform. (Z5XX) with the slower GPU (200Mhz compared to 400Mhz on the Z6xx series.) It's strange to see a device like this without any form of video out. The rear-mounted touch panel and mouse buttons should improve Windows usage although we would want to test that before recommending a buy. Weight seems acceptable - 550gms
Toshiba Libretto W100 (W105-L251 PLW10U-00201V ), 7.0 inch, 699 grams (1.54 lbs)
A new and interesting design from Toshiba. Dual capacitative touchscreens and some well-integrated keyboard software make this a very interesting choice in the UMPC sector. Heat could be a problem and battery life with the small battery down to 2hrs. High-performance CPU should drive Windows 7 touch and muti-touch features well. Premium price.
Huawei Smakit S7, 7.0 inch, 500 grams (1.1 lbs)
Looking well designed and from a company that has brought Google Android phones to market before, we're hoping for a well specified device with the full Google Android experience. Some specifications we've seen talk about HD video capture which, as far as we know, would indicated a very recent processing platform.
Fujitsu UH900, 5.6 inch, 500 grams (1.1 lbs)
Fujitsu have dropped the convertible screen seen on the U820, have increased the width (bigger keys), reduced the depth and thickness. Weight is down by 100gm. Mouse pointer and mouse buttons are included for on-the-move usage.
Kohjinsha SK3 (SK3KX06GA), 7.0 inch, 720 grams (1.59 lbs)
Viliv X70 EX, 7.0 inch, 660 grams (1.46 lbs)
Samsung Q1EX, 7.0 inch, 648 grams (1.43 lbs)
E-King i1, 4.8 inch, 500 grams (1.1 lbs)
With 1.33Ghz Atom processor, SD card slot, the i1 is going to be a good step up from the Wibrain B1 that it is following. Ergonomics on the B1 are excellent (the touch-pad making control very easy) and if Wibrain reach the their stated target of 6-hours browsing time, it's going to be an excellent mobile device.
Archos 7 (320GB), 7.0 inch, 640 grams (1.41 lbs)
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