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Looks great from the outside. Specifications look acceptable too although there may be some resistance from people who are looking for a slide-out keyboard. At 15mm thick and weighing only 200gm, this is on the leading edge of MID designs.

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USI MID-160 Specifications

Manufacturer USI
Model name MID-160
CPU Intel Atom (Silverthorne)
Graphics PowerVR SGX
OS Linux (Moblin core)
Display Size
RAM 512 MB
SSD 7.8 GB
Weight (Minimum) 200gm / 0.44 pounds
Physical Interfaces Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm)
Docking connector
SD slot (Micro)
Wireless Interfaces802.11b/g
3G option
*Specifications can vary

USI MID-160 information

OEM details shown. Some details may change when the final retail product is ready.
Pricing and availability unknown at this stage.
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USI MID-160 alternatives

Nokia N800 (N800), 4.1 inch, 206 grams (0.45 lbs)
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