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OnlyUMPC have spotted that the SODIFF website has been updated. Thanks Chaps. I’d almost forgotten about this one. I would add it to the watchlist but for the moment, I don’t think one is going to appear anywhere outside Korea. It seems to be built purely for the Wi-Bro market out there.


Like the  SPH-P9000, its only wireless connectivity option seems to be via cellular data. It might seem silly to leave out Wifi but if you’ve got a few Mbps at hand all the time, why bother with using a Wifi point? Bluetooth needs to be added though. It enables a lot more than just Internet connectivity.

  • 4.3” LCD 800x 480 pixels
  • 2 Cameras.  0.3M x1 , 2M x 1
  • Wi-Bro RF Modem Include
  • QWERTY Keyboard & Touch screen
  • External DIM 24Pin [what?: Steve]  & USB ports
  • CPU Intel PXA 270 
  • Microsoft Windows CE 
  • T-DMB
  • Mpeg4, AVI, MP3 support.

Its another device in that 4-6″ bracket where products are coming in quickly. That Mini-UMPC segment again. Similar devices in the news recently include the i-Station Netforce, Seamless S-Xgen, Nokia 870 and Maxian

Steve /Chippy


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Matt Propst says:

    Darn! With a title like that I thought surely you’d caught news of a new marketing scheme to gain consumer interest in the UMPC.

    (yes, i’m a little let down that’s not what the post was about.)

  2. Doug Moran says:

    I think we shold call it the uberPDA segment; whaddya say?