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Engadget picked up some lovely MSI Wind photos.



This is a very good looking little device indeed but again, it’s a relative heavyweight at 1.2KG and the sizing is going to be way bigger than the Eee PC. I’m not sure if this is the 8.9 or 10" version.n For a pricing guideline we can take hint from the Medion Akoya which appears to be exactly the same device and targeting a 400 Euro price point.

Check out a big set of promo photos at Engadget (link below.)

I’ve updated the MSI Wind interface specifications in the product database.

Source: Engadget China. (translation) Thanks JKK.

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  • scoobie

    Why is the sizing bigger than the eee pc? they both have 8.9 inch screens

  • chippy

    The MSI wind will go up to 10″ screen and it has a bigger keyboard as far as I can see. It will weigh 20% more too.
    OK, in the big scheme of things it isn’t much but its quite a difference when you’re choosing a device for mobility rather than price.

  • Travis

    Pictures are nice but what we really need are specs, pricing and availability.

  • heavyharmonies

    Single mouse button? Ewww…

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  • Spanish Blog

    Nice pics – great post

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