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There’s been a suprising lack of information from OEMs and resellers on the MID products during Computex. Or perhaps it isnt suprising. The netbooks mean more to the bottom line than MIDs this year!

Intel realyed a snippet of news this afternoon via their ‘Chip Shots‘ blog. In a speach on the 4th, Anand Chandrasekher gave an update on the situation. Apparently everything is going to plan. OEMs are making progress and the software ecossytem is building steam. Sounds like a bit of PR-fill to me!

Building on the Intel® Atom™ Processor launch at Shanghai IDF, Peter Chen, general manager, BenQ Technology Product Center, and Masatsugu Shinozaki, executive vice president and general manager, Car Information System Division, Hitachi, Ltd., discussed how the companies are working to bring new entertainment and information experiences to market through their respective upcoming Mobile Internet Devices. Chandrasekher also highlighted a support from a range of software vendors around the world, including a new collaboration with Wind River Systems through development of an open, extensible Moblin-based Linux platform for MIDs.

Check out the Press Kit for a couple of new PDFs/

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  • Tal

    I have two questions please Steve,
    1. You mean to say that there are no MID products on the show at all?
    2. Specifically doesn’t Gigabyte show the m528 on the show?


  • StuartLittle



    Option, the wireless technology company, announced its GlobeTrotter Connect for Linux — the connection management software for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) based on the Intel® Centrino® Atom™ processor technology. The software is written for Moblin-based Linux operating systems, an OS choice well-suited for MIDs. GlobeTrotter Connect for Linux is expected to quickly become the essential connectivity solution for the rapidly developing MID market. It is a connection management software specifically developed for MIDs, the new range of devices that enables users to access the rich Internet in its entirety, virtually anytime, anywhere.

    GlobeTrotter Connect for Linux will support 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and, later, WiMax

  • Reply

    before this year’s Computex, people think a lot MID products are coming with already released Intel atom Z5xx, but in fact No products is showed so it is still prematured, Intel and Linux companies still need more time.

  • chippy

    The mids were on display but there wasnt any news.

  • chippy

    one more thing…
    MIDs are planned for summer so perhaps its up to the manufacturers to make their own announcements.
    With netbooks taking so much limelight, its probably best to wait a few weeks.

  • Al

    netbooks, to me thats just more proof that what people want is a touch type mobile computer. for real business use I want a pocket laptop running full windows not linux and if it does not have a touch type keyboard it just will not sell.

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