Dell E netbook. Images, specs, pricing revealed.

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Engagdet got a nice little present yesterday – details on the Dell ‘E’ PC. Very interesting specs, a large standard battery and a range of SSD configurations. It hardly looks like its for ‘developing countries’ though! More the Eee PC killer methinks. There are going to be three versions of the 8.9" version, all with different SSD sizes and with the possibility of a webcam and Bluetooth. Prices will start at $299 and the launch target is, as we heard before, August.


This will certainly compete well with the HP, Acer, ASUS, MSI and ECS and if battery life and mobility is your concern, it looks like one of the better choices.

We’ve entered all the details in the product database and will be adding links and information as we get it. For a quick comparison of all 16 of the 8.9" netbooks in our database, click here.

Thanks JKK for the heads-up. Engadget have more pics and some interesting comments.

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    to bad that bluetooth is only for the “e video+” model…

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  • someone

    Hmm, that 12 inch model is interesting to me.

    I may hold off on buying the MSI Wind until I get more details about these Dells. But then again I like the Wind a lot.

  • swimsfast99

    Only question is how expensive is the e video+ model. That is the one most comperable at least to the Wind minus the bigger screen and harddrive. Hopefully they come out with more detailed pricing soon.

    For me its between the Acer, Wind, and now the Dell

  • John

    Here’s to hoping the Dell doesn’t smash the period/question mark keys to half their size like on the MSI Wind. It’s a real chore retraining your hands to type a document or even enter a web address.

  • Vicente

    Looks good. Now hoping Lenovo will come out with a ThinkPad version of this. Sturdy titanium shell with rubber cover is a big durability thing for me. I use Dell junk at work and their laptops are not sturdy enough.

  • Will

    Wow. This race for the best netbook is starting to get very interesting! I have no need for one but at $400-500, it’ll be a new toy to play with!

    The E Slim models look really unique. Using Silverthorne (instead of Diamondville), the battery life increased despite the much larger screen.

    Even more interesting is that the E Slim+ comes with a 1.6GHz Silverthorne AND 2GB of memory! I thought Pousblo was limited to 1GB?

    If only they used the 1.86GHz Atom in the top end model.

  • tal

    I think Chippy that the site should include a special “bottom line” page for both MIDs and Netbooks (smartphones and umpcs will converge into these two categories), where you compare the top leading models and updating it on a regular basis. this will make the site a trend leader and will help us to better see the bottom line.
    For each page category I would really want to see 3 comparison types; one for the technical specification (i guess for the 5 to 10 top features), the user experience/friendliness of the devices, and the overall price to value.

    That would be great!!!

  • tal

    and if you ask yourself why the products page is not that – its because you dont really get a comparison and it is listing so many thing and not just the top 5-10 desirable devices to date and by the actual category. its not the same …

  • techno_techie

    Thanks for all the updates, Chippy. I am having a hard time choosing between the wind and the dell. I like that the Dell is 8.9, though. I kind of agree with JKK that 10″ is maybe going out of the netbook range. Can’t wait to see what Lenovo is up to.

  • someone

    After reading things carefully, I’m probably getting a Wind next week (or when I can get one).

    The 12″ Dell E (stupid, stupid name!) is a ways off yet, and I need something this summer. If they turn out to be really good, I’ll just sell the Wind off and get one. That’s one nice thing about these low priced computers – trading up to newer models won’t be such a big deal.

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