Operation Computex is go!

Posted on 02 June 2008 by

No agenda, just a few screens, a desk and a bed. Oh, and lots of tea!


Although the event starts tomorrow, there’s a WiMAX event also taking place which has started already. VIA’s OpenBook and the ASUS 901 have already been spotted!

Back to work. Someone just pinged me with Acer One specs…. False alarm!

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  • fred

    Great place …

  • Hello,
    What websites will you be watching to get the information or any other information as that goes.

  • chippy

    Google blogsearch, yahoo news search, flickr, youtube, engadget and my email for the tips that come in from friendly readers!

  • not in the basement this time? lack of bed in basement i presume? ;)

  • chippy

    Yeah. Humidity is too high for basement. It’s full of spiders and musty smells!!

  • Piter

    :) The UMPC HQ looks OK.

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