Aigo MID gets launch date and Price.

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It looks like MIDs are starting to move. There are already two Menlow based devices in the market in Japan, the Willcom D4 and the Kohjinsha SC3 (that I’m testing at the moment – more about that later.) and last night I read at UMPCFever in Hong Kong that the Aigo MID is launching on 08.08.08. That’s the first day of the Olympics. My guess is that the Lenovo device will launch then too as it appears to be part of an Olympic sponsorship agreement.

Local price is going to be $670 which tallies with the Taiwanese price for the Gigabyte M528 – $750 with WWAN. It looks like UMPCFever will get one for testing very soon after the launch so keep an eye on their website.

Update: That price doesn’t include WWAN.

As for US and EU launch dates for the Gigabyte M528 version of this device – No news. Sorry.

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  • citivolus

    That’s great news! I can’t wait to get one of these. Any chance of us folks in the US getting one through an importer (or local forum member) until they are formally released here?

  • Will

    These devices will be hard to sell in a market saturated with netbooks which are more powerful and still reasonably portable for half the price.

    Even the Nokia N810 has dropped to $299. If Nokia decided to add a 3G HSPA modem and upgraded it to a OMAP3 (pitting it directly against the Intel MIDs), it should only cost them an extra $40-$80.

  • kyuss

    finally some news about a true UMPC (MID)…



    any news on the digifriends device?

  • ecsk2

    Is the Aigo not the same device with another brand name simply?

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  • Tim Wong

    We offer the discount price for Aigo Mid, any one interested in it, feel free to send us e-mail. Our company are the wholeseller in Hong Kong.
    Thank you!

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