Everun Note marketing info gives performance figures. Gamers take note!

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Before I get all excited, I better say up front that the info here is mostly from Raon Digitals marketing group. That said…WOW! The Everun Note could be the most powerful ultra mobile PC yet.

Raon have sent over some early marketing material for the Everun Note and there’s a whole lot of interesting information in it. The most interesting is a set of Crystal Mark test results that are showing stunning processing performances figures that are way faster than anything on the ultra mobile PC and netbook market. It blows the 1.3Ghz Core-based Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium out of the water and netbooks are going to look extremely slow beside it! (more after the pic…)


Half of you are saying ‘holy cow’ (or similar!) and the other half are saying ‘but what power is it taking?’ The later is an important unanswered question at this point but lets be sensible about it, its not going to be running cool! If you think about how the Turions use the AMD PowerNow! technology though, this could be a processor that scales well across a number of setups. Turn off a core and downclock to read basic web pages and plug in the extended battery pack and wind it up to gaming-quality processing and graphics power. Note that the disk speeds aren’t that impressive but everything else is looking great. The sprite 5000 figure you see there at 14.85 FPS is about 14.85 times faster than what I get on my SC3!

The PDF we’ve received (now uploaded to our server because we know you’ll want to read it in full.) also contains information about the battery. Its a single cell, 5200mah cell (19.2wh) which is a similar size as the one in the Fujitsu U810 and Kohjinsha SC3 battery. There’s confirmation that the device has a PCI-Express Mini slot and SIM card holder for 3G expansion, info about the external battery solution and a rotating function which I read as being screen display rotation, not physical rotation.

Finally, I’m happy to say that Raon are going to try and send a device over so expect a very long live session when it turns up!

Lazion have some more pics of the device up which show the battery compartment. The image of the Eee 901 next to the Everun Note just makes me laugh.


There are some rumours of an $800 local price which sounds about right to me but Raon aren’t giving any pricing info away at the moment so I guess this was a ballpark figure someone got hold of. We’ll have that info as soon as it’s available.

So it looks like this AMD Turion is going to whip all of the the current Nano and Atom variants and its going to be quite a surprise to many people that an AMD processor is appearing in such a small device. AMD recently said that they were taking a wait-and-see approach to the netbook market and I think that still holds true. Turion X2 at 1.2Ghz is going to be an interesting all-rounder and not a low-cost netbook product.

Thanks to Raon Digital for sending over the info.

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  • Hanzo

    WOW, holy COW!!!

    $800 is not that much, this is a really powerful UMPC!

  • Steve, out of curiosity, if you had the Everun Note sitting on your desk already, would you make it part of your IDF kit?

    • chippy

      The keyboard looks bigger than the one on the SC3. 16mm pitch apparently.
      I could potentially take this instead of the MSI Wind, yes. Can’t see any major problems apart from long-term keyboard comfort.

      It would have to think of a cool demo for people to see though. Video streaming. Games. Google Earth perhaps.

  • The picture is of an EeePC 1000H and the Everun Note… not the 901.

    • chippy

      Oops. Sorry! Thanks for the correction.

  • Also, the Lazion article seems to indicate the possibility of a single core version for about $700.

    • focus

      That will be the same device but cripled in bios like my everun ls!

  • pispot

    No wonder,
    the 90nm AMD Turion is a slightly tuned down Athlon 64.
    A processor which fits better to desktop than a netbook.

    I fear, if you use the power of this tiny netbook, it will be a nice boiler for egg cooking. (25W TDP for the 1.6 ghz version)

    • chippy

      It certainly has the potential to put out a LOT of heat. I wouldn’t like this to accidentaly turn on in my bag. It would be a fire risk ;-)

      Raon engineering is pretty good but I bet there’s a fat fan in it. If its a biggish, quite one, it will probably be OK. As long as I can turn it off when i’m down at 800Mhz with a single core.

    • JC

      Your information may be out of date. According to Wikipedia, AMD transitioned the Turion 64 X2 to 65 nm. Also according to Wikipedia, it is AMD’s mobile offering, competing against Intel’s Core and Core 2 CPUs.

      As for TDP:

      TDP is a measure of worst case scenario power. Few people do anything, especially on their mobile computers, that hits the worst case scenario. It’s a great design metric for determining how beefy your cooling system needs to be. It doesn’t mean that the processor will be giving off that much heat all the time, or ever really. The actual power consumed under real life situations will almost surely be quite a bit less.

      This isn’t to say that the Turion 64 X2 won’t get got. We just don’t have reason to think it would get any hotter than, say, the Core 2 Duo that it’s intended to compete against.

      • pispot

        65nm sound nicer than 90nm.

        But i still think this not a good cpu for a sweet little thing like this is. There is just no room for heatsink and ventilation and there are more suitable Cpus out there.

        I’m owning a JVC MP-XP741 with a Pentium M ULV CPU (0,7V) and it is getting to hot & loud.

        A good UMPC/netbook don’t need to be ultrafast, but should be silent & cool and have good battery life.

  • Dukeswharf

    the pdf link is down mate, I’m getting a 404 error.

    • chippy

      Fixed. It was my typo.
      Thanks for the alert.

  • REMF

    according to wiki the 690G chipset uses between 8W and 13.5W depending on the version, can the new 780G chipset be down clocked to consume the same?

    it is a lot more complicated with 205m transistors, but at the same time it is manufactured on .055u rather than .08u lithography.

    if it requires a 9″ netbook chassis then so be it, but real DX10 horsepower in that small a formfactor would be awesome. if it can be done with the 690G it can be done with the 780G

  • focus

    Like i said before this device will be an chalnge even
    for mighty sony (vaio) with there enormous prices!

  • Will

    19.2wh battery. Sounds like a 1.5 hour device (WiFi, 75% brightness, typical use)

  • tal

    few questions please Steve:

    1. what does “4-mode rotating function for eBook” mean? Is it like the Gigabyte m912 or Lifebook u2010 spinning screens?

    2. How smaller is that keyboard than that of the Gigabyte m912, Acrer aspire one or any of the other 8.9″ netbooks?

    3. Do you really think it can hold for 3 hours Steve?

    4. Would you wait for this machine instead of running to buy the Gigabyte M912m?

    • chippy

      1 – Marketing speak for screen image rotation! 0,90,180 and 270 degrees.
      2 – I dont think its much smaller than the Eee at all.
      3 – Yes but 2.5hrs wifi-on in battery save mode I guess.
      4 – bloody good question! I think the M912 would be a better machine for the home/family/holiday. The better question is, ‘would I trade my SC3 in for an Everun Note’ That I can’t answer until I get my hands on this!

      • tal

        Steve, based on what criteria would the M912 be a better machine for the home/family/holiday?

  • Sorry chippy, but it’s just too good to be true. I need a confirmation from somebody I can trust. No offense intended Raon, but the number is too good to be true and I need a 3er party confirmation on this.

    • chippy

      It does indeed sound like its bending the rules a bit, yes, but if you think about halving that CPU perf. figure with a single core, it gets realistic.


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  • And what kind of memory they are using, as far as I know its a DDR2 and look at the score… more than 6000, that around 1000 higher than the best of the score that I have seen around.

    • chippy

      AMD always talk about their memory speed due to on-die memory controller and fast bus.

  • Like I said at my site, this better to be true because this screen has opened a Pandora Box.

  • Mark

    Wow, this does *look* extremely good.

    Please, please, please beg, borrow, or steal one from the manufacturer very soon, Steve :-)

    I can’t wait for the review…

    If this Everun does live up to its promise (gotta be slightly sceptical), and it does indeed come with a swiveling screen a la Kohji (am I reading the PDF right because the hinge in the photos doesn’t look like it is a swiveling kind of hinge), then I may very well ditch my plans for buying the SC3 and go for this Everun instead!

    It looks spectacular, and looks like it is running XP (did my eyes decieve me?) – which would be quite a big advantage over the SC3 with its Vista-bloat.

    • chippy

      I’m 99% sure there’s no swiveling screen. Its marketing talk for screen image rotation I believe.
      This is the only thing that disappoints me! 2.5 hours browsing is still under my 3-hr target though, despite having gobs of power to do stuff.


      • Mark


        So, no swiveling screen – slightly disappointing.

        No chance you could persuade them to put out a swiveling screen model is there, Steve?!

        Perhaps someone could remind them that if they did, and the performance lived up to their claims, then there would be really no reason for anyone to buy a Kohji anymore – everyone would just buy this Everun instead.

        Still, even without the swiveling screen, for the first time I am wavering in my choice of SC3 for my next UMPC…I am starting to lean slightly towards the Everun.

        • bluemonq

          Both the Kohji and Gigabyte seem to have a thicker base without which there would be no room for a strong pivot. To replicate that on the Everun Note would probably require a completely new chassis design. In any case, it would probably push the $800 price up by another hundred or more.

        • ssagg

          It seem as an impossible task but it really would be the perfect device with a swivelling screen (and just a little more battery life)

        • ssagg

          I (and a lot of people I believe) would pay way mor than a hundred for a swivelling screen. Without it It´s a tiny (although powerful) netbook instead of a versatile UMPC

  • If the 2.5 hours are coming from Raon, then expect a real battery life of 2 hours. I have not seen yet a battery life number coming from a OEM close to the reality.

  • Charles

    99% sure no screen rotating ? Will it be touch screen or not ?

    2,5 hours with 1 cell is quite good. Raon had always be good in battery life, they will probably propose optional batteries to last 10 hours + !

    Will it be avaible at dfj or conics or only at Dynamism ?

    • chippy

      Usual channels i guess. Dynamism, Mobilx, umpc-shop.nl etc.

  • rahul garg

    I am wondering about that 2.5hr figure .. with a 19.2wh battery that translates to 8w power consumption. A 9” aspire one with atom consumes 8-9w when running at 800mhz with wifi on so I wonder how they achieve that extremely low power figure with a underclocked turion dual core. I think 1.5-2 hours is a much more realistic figure.

    • chippy

      Raon did a super job on the Everun so if they apply the same skills…
      Remember that although a cpu can be high tdp, that is only a design max. By using lower clock, stopping one core and undervolting, power usage for internet browsing will largely rely on screen, radios and good quality engineering. I guess they have a large fan in there for the times that people will use it at full tilt!
      I cant wait to see how it really performs. I better get some games in for the live testing session!

      • Dukeswharf

        I’d be very interested to see how Everun Note handles high quality skype calls:


      • rahul

        Hopefully your review unit will arrive soon so that we can get the real numbers. As for games, I suggest testing WoW and HL2 :D
        (The chipset should be X1250? The corresponding desktop variant is 690g I think?)

  • I think that Rahul is right on that ;)

  • Ninjakamster

    Actually, I think that is a EEE 901 next to the Everun, not EEE 1000.

    I am very interested in this UMPC, especially for the power it offers. I would like more battery life though, I don’t mind an external battery or one that sticks out.

    I am worried about the arrow keys, their unusual placement, I’d love to play some old games on this and hope I can get used to them.

    Will this come to North America?

    • I think you’re right, I was just going off the note on the Korean site.

      But if you count the number of keys to the right of the space bar there are only five. And the photos of the 1000H there seems to be six.

  • ben

    Wow those are some really impressive scores. This is the first computer in this category that I have seen beat a UX490 running XP, albeit it is a bit larger, still quite impressive especially if it has an $800 price tag. If they put a good SSD in there they could bump that score up by at least 4k points

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  • reverendo

    if this comes with a swivel screen for tablet mode I’ll buy one… with extended battery, ssd and all that comes with it… this is the kind of pro-mobile machine I would have been waiting for… if it’s true…
    BTW, does anybody know the crystalmark scores for the p1620?

    • Joe

      It won’t have a swivel screen.

      I don’t know about the crystalmark scores for the p1620, but we’ve seen the scores of eeePC and s130 (KJS).
      I can’t upload the images for the score to prove it.
      But for the first mark (same as the score of Everun Note in this page), EEEpc got 18293, s130 got 12596 (on Vista).

  • Joe

    yesterday, I mentioned that Raon Digital will issue the extend battery which will be a “3 cell”, however I heard from the forum in Korean web-site, yet the firm doesn’t have a plan for a “3 cell” battery.
    But one person who seems to have a close relationship with Raon said he can deliver this recommendation to the company.
    However, anyway, it sounds still good enough Raon will serve at least “1 cell” extra battery, which will be less than (or around) $30. It’s very tiny and looks very easy to bring.

    Raon is still collecting some recommendations to improve its features, even though it’s very trivial, such as the length of the cable of the external battery charger and the color of it (from black to white)……

    Anyway, I bet we’ll see a better final product soon.

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  • Sam

    What about a Touch Screen?
    Can anyone say if it will come with one?
    Or can someone ask Everun / Raon to put touch screen on again.

    Also could something like this be made with an ULV Intel Dual Core CPU instead? Would that give lower power consumption / heat output for similar performance?

  • TareX

    Fantastic, but where’s the nipple/trackpad?

    Also, how does the graphics chip perform?

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  • tsog

    The crystalmark for the everun note is much higher than the sony vaio tz with core 2 duo 1.06ghz.
    Via pocketables

  • Sam

    [quote]The crystalmark for the everun note is much higher than the sony vaio tz with core 2 duo 1.06ghz.[/quote]

    but how much of that is down to a dedicated graphics card?

    • rahul

      There is no dedicated graphics card in this one. Its an integrated chipset with some sideport memory. Usually sold as ATI X1250/X1270 xpress. Desktop counterpart is 690g.

  • apples

    I’m still skeptical about the battery life…

    seeing the processor works faster, and generates more heat, and the battery is 5200mah,19W most likely we are talking about a 2 to 3hour battery life at most.

    probably at full load the UMPC would get less then 45min of batt life.

    the size seems good, though if the screensize is smaller then the Eee’s 8,9″ I doubt going for this device.

    Then there’s the resolution to think of too.
    I doubt it’s 1280 x *** , probably 1024×768..

    $800 is still too much for me… I’m not buying such a device if it’s sold over $500!

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  • Matt

    “RAON DIGITAL prepared one mini PCI express slot for the future 3G module”

    So the note does not have integrated hsdpa? whats the usim slot for?

    • chippy

      You, Raon or the reseller cvan drop in a PCI express mini 3G card internally. The SIM slot will work when the card is installed.


      • Matt

        Ah, Thanks a lot for the clarification.

  • reverendo

    are there any other UMPCs planned with this cpu? How does it compare to the P1620 in performance?
    I looked for the 1620’s Crystalmark scores, but couldn’t find them. I thought that James might have them, but it doesn’t seem so… hope that the raon scores are true… keeping my fingers crossed!

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  • tal

    Probably its biggest drawback compared to the m912 and SC3 is the fact that it can’t spin into a tablet mode – right?
    The screen size with 7″ (vs. 8.9″) never troubled me as much as the keyboard which I am going to use quite a lot. So if this thing can have same ease of typing as the 8.9″ netbooks its a big plus.

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  • enthusiast

    Holy Cow!

  • focus

    About the screen:if it is expensive to rotate it could bend in back for 270 degrees very easy with small modifications and about the same result!
    Am i right RAON???

  • DavidC1

    It’s because that’s a Dual Core.

  • Viktor Angelopoulos

    Everun Note with AMD Turion performance notes… wow! http://snurl.com/3fyri

  • Ian


    Re: the keyboard, the marketing doc specifies a 16mm pitch. Compare this to eeepc 701 (15mm pitch) and MSI Wind (18mm pitch) and take a look at the key configuration in the pics (better than the 701, worse than the Wind) and you should get a fair idea of what to expect – slightly less painful to use than the 701, but nowhere near as easy as the Wind.

    • tal.beno

      well the wind is 10″ and I just want to compare it to the 8.9″ netbooks. Which definitely sounds great.

      Still not sure if it can be easier to use than a 8.9″ tablet enabled netbook (like the Gigabyte m912).

    • Joe

      It’s nonsense that you compare the keyboards between wind u100 and Everun Note. If you want to compare this feature you may compare it with the 8.9″ netbook or KJS SC3.

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  • chippy

    You almost get the feeling that they should also make this with 8.9″ screen, smaller than the 901 but with double-capacity battery and all that CPU power!


    • reverendo

      Amen to that… and with swivel screen… and with a inkable touch screen… then it would be an absolute no-brainer for pro-mobile users.

  • tal

    Steve, its so funny – I just noticed your comments after talking with my friend who is considering together with me this device over the m912m. And our conclusion was that a 8.9″ Everun would have been our pick.

    • tal

      and with swivel screen yup

      • Joe

        I don’t believe that RAON will release 8.9″ version netbook.

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  • Umpc_Nut

    This is great. I play so many old games on my current UMPC but of course, I always have to play these using all settings to the lowest. I would love to see how well Halo and GTA SA runs on this!

    It is about time some one released a UMPC that does not use that slow assed Via CPU. Nothing worse than seeing a UMPC that ticks all of the boxes until you see it uses a Via. Dual core FTW………I hope.

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  • This is a great product, but I would recommend the following for consideration:

    1) Use the 780G w/ 128MB Sideport Memory instead of the 690G
    2) Output via DVI (w/ HDMI and VGA Connectors)
    3) Add a Firewire port to connect to HD Video Devices and storage
    4) For “FUTURE-PROOFING”, a wireless b/g/n router
    5) Offer Vista Home Premium to utilize Media Center.

    These enhancements can be on a special power version, but it would sure offer a vast leap over the existing offerings. Thanks for your time.

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