Fujitsu U2010, how does 9 hours of battery life in the color of your choice sound?

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Jenn from Pocketables  shows us a press release from Fujitsu making official the latest iteration of the Lifebook UMPC. We already knew most of the details regarding the Atom based U2010, but the press release has shed light on a few new bits of info. The U2010 will be available in five different colors: Ocean Black, Pink Gold, Cool Silver, Fuchsia Red, and Luminous Blue. Fujitsu is also saying that the U2010 will run for 8 hours on its extended 4-cell battery, or 9 hours with the 4-cell battery and the announced 64GB SSD option. The U2010 looks to be shaping up to be a good sequel to a pretty popular line of UMPCs. Lets just hope that press released 9 hour battery figure is true!

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  • Geoffrey

    All this and only 1GB RAM. What a shame.

  • Amin

    I hope too!
    I already disappointed with battery of SX3 and Gigabyte so it seems very nice to work around with this tiny 8 hours!

  • Beware

    I’m just hoping we can easily revert to XP. If I can get XP on here then I know I’ll be buying one ASAP. It would be a HUGE improvement over my WiBrain and not even that much larger. I’m excited to see how the I1 stands up to the U2010.

  • Marc

    The extended battery will be a cheat though won’t it and stick out the back? Ruining the nice lines of the device.

    However I’d be very happy if that means 4 to 4.5 hours on the standard battery.

    • the 2 cell battery is shown in this photo, the 4 cell only sticks out a little and only adds approx 100g.

      If the Fujitsu test says 8 hours for the 4 cell, you can pretty much assume 4 – 5hrs real use, so 4 – 4.5hrs on the 2 cell battery would be a stretch for real use (I would say more like 2hrs).

    • The extended battery sticking out of the back also acts as a convenient handle, making it much easier to hold it in your hands.

      IIRC, Fujitsu originally estimated the extended battery of the U1010/U810 would last about 5.5 hours, and the video playback test on my U810 delivered a running time of almost 4.5 hours. So if Fujitsu’s estimate for the U2010/U820 is consistent with their previous estimate, the battery might actually last around 6-7 hours under *proper* normal use, making it perfect for intercontinental flights.

  • If Fujitsu would make this device with a *real* CPU and graphics card, keep everything else the same (so long as the screen is sunlight readable) and ship it with SuSe or Ubuntu, I’ll lay my Vaio UX to rest…. of course they would not want to infringe on their P1620’s market share so I’ll dare to dream.


  • Fixup

    Even with the extra weight and size of the extended battery, it still stands out as the smallest and lightest with the longest battery life, touch-type-able keyboard and best for bed. Fingers crossed for this baby. The only other baby worth of considering is the M528 or Aigo MID. I cannot see why I cannot run XP on them; and if I cannot run XP, I cannot see why I want them.

  • JoeR888

    I think all of these UMPC’ that are more like laptops are great for the low end computer market and as cheap alternatives for many for a basic computer but to me a UMPC should be smaller so you can carry it in a pocke to me. I like seeing devices with keyboards but I would rather see a modern update of the clamshell PDA’s using full windows via UMPC technology.

  • apples

    87-92%keyb,9-10″screen,2GBram@553Mhz + atom is more then enough for me!

  • Frank

    I am a bit confused by the specs as they are given here on umpcportal. It says that the display size is only 5.6″ with a resolution of 1280 X 800. Surely this can’t be true, or is it? I can not find any pictures of the U2010 showing the screen which is kind of odd.

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