Short hands-on video with the Lenovo IdeaPad S9

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Xavier from got a little bit of hands on time with the IdeaPad S9, Lenovo’s Atom based entry into the netbook market (to clear up any confusion, the S9 is a 9″ version that will be sold in Asia, the S10 is a 10″ version which will be sold in the US, the chassis of the two is the same, only the screen size differs). While the netbook sector is surely crowded, the S10 stands out to me for a few reasons. First of which is the solid $399 price point. We have seen lower prices before, but the S9 is said to support up to 2GB of RAM, and offer 80GB and 160GB HDD capacities. Second is that I find this netbook nicely styled. Sure, we only get a quick glimpse of it in this video, but it looks thin and modern. The unit in the video is in fact a prototype so we will have to hope it doesn’t change very much by the time it reaches the market.

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  • rahul

    Looking forward to the S10 which will hopefully be as well built as other Lenovo notebooks.
    The only downside is no trackpoint :(


      from what i can tell, all the major laptop brands treat trackpoint as a business feature. on lenovo it only shows up on the thinkpad series, on dell i have only found on some of their business aimed models. hp dont bother with it at all…

      on such small machines like these netbooks, it would be ideal for saving saving space.

      • Dave

        I do not like trackpoints. I find them hard to use. I prefer a touchpad. I would not buy a pc that only had a trackpoint.

  • techno.techie

    Man alive, what a beautiful design compared to the other plastic toys I’ve seen in the netbook market. Thank you Lenovo, though I am sad that the S9 isn’t coming to the USA – big let down. Maybe if Dell gets a hit on their 8.9″ number, Lenovo might consider bringing this little one over. So far, this is the best design I have seen yet. Right now, I’m between Dell and Lenovo with Lenovo inching ahead after this display.

  • Judge

    Looks a very solid machine and thinkpads are normally pretty good. The price seems very cheap but I am guessing this is aimed to undercut the msi wind and
    eee 1000’s. With everyone releasing netbooks its getting very crowded. I guess Toshiba are now the only major player who dont have a cheap netbook range now!

  • iSeek

    hmm…as usual the right Shift key is in the wrong place!

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