VAIO UX280 modded with U7600 Core 2 Duo

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MicroPCTalk forum member Anh did some serious surgery on his UX280. Taking the unit apart, he de-soldered the factory U1200 Core Solo (1.2GHz), and soldered in a U7600 Core 2 Duo (1.2GHz) CPU. An impressive instillation in a machine that has so much hardware stuck in such a tiny footprint. Was it worth it? Take a look at the graph belo; the benchmark performance almost doubled in certain areas. The graph compares the modded UX280 to a UX380, I compared to the 380 because both machines were running Vista and I wanted the graph to be as accurate as possible. ALU and FPU are the primary CPU benchmarks and as you can see, the 1.2GHz U7600 Core 2 Duo crushes the 1.33GHz U1500 Core Solo. Ahn is most likely the first person in the world to be running a UX280 with a Core 2 Duo, and might even be the first to successfully swap the UX’s CPU for any other CPU in general.modded_ux280_vs_ux380

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