Dell Inspiron Mini 9 sales flyer exposes prices, details.

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From an unknown source, but it looks good to me! A lttle high on price perhaps but that Dell brand-value will carry them through i’m sure.

Full specifications in the portal.

Update: Dell Mini 9 microsite is now live. (U.S.)

Update 2: Its all official now.

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  • buyin something soon

    In the end it all boils down to two things for me.

    One: how much time I can get out of the battery.

    Two: what the damn power cable looks like. It might sound stupid but I don’t want to be hauling around a cable that is built for a full sized laptop with the bricks that we have all grown accustomed to. I saw a photo of the power cable early on and it looked similar to one from a mac.
    Anyone know anything?

  • Anymouse Reader

    1- If external DVD – is the Movie Software included (like other Dell notebooks with Ubuntu to play Movies legal-like in the US).
    2- Where is 1Gig RAM version with better camera for Ubuntu (at less money than the XP version)?
    3- Battery Life? Oh – on replacement batteries, Dell really is expensive! So what kind of battery is it?

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  • I saw a leaked photo of the power supply and it looks like a little AC adapter. The prongs are connected to the transformer and a long wire coming from the transformer plugs into the notebook.

  • RK

    I don’t think the Dell brand will make up for a $70 delta to the Acer Aspire One 110 – that’s a 20% delta! It’ll be interesting to see the prices develop over the next few weeks!
    Glad I ordered my Lenovo S10 for $365 – bigger screen, HD and keyboard, less money!

  • Carpin

    WOW, what a huge disappointment this turned out to be. priced to high, underspeced, bad design, bad KB.

  • The only thing that would make me overlook that 70$ is if it came with a bigger battery.
    If they do that, then the price is worth it for some people.

    Very underwhelmed that they didnt at least match the Acer One price. I’ve used the One with family and liked it except for the 2hr battery.
    I cant find anything that could get me to pay the premium. (I like Ubuntu but can always install it myself since its free.)

    Lenovo is not selling Linux in north america but is elsewhere in the world so its a non-starter for me. I dont want to have to trouble shoot another Windows machine which is why my brother loves the Acer One he got his wife.

    This was a BIG downer.
    Very, very disappointed.

  • herbinator

    Well nice to get some firm pricing but am i the ony one whos totally underwhelmed by the specs.
    Im in the process of selling my original 4gig eepc and have been eyeing up a replacement,imleaning towards the eepc 1000h model but have kept my eye on the gigabyte M912M a littel out of my price bracket but if i heard enuff good feedback then maybe.
    Kojinsha sx3 looked tempting but i cant forgive the video playback issues people are having!!

  • Dunstan

    The Aspire One blows this into the weeds on price and specs and esthetics

  • TareX

    $450 makes it comparable to the other high-end netbooks out there.

    More expensive than the Acer Aspire One
    Almost same price of the MSI Wind
    Cheaper than the Eee PC 901

    But, correct me if I’m wrong, it doesn’t look like a good deal to me anymore. $299 was the appeal for me.

    • Jones

      It’s indeed not very appealing; the top model doesn’t offer much even; the 8 GB SSD makes me wonder if they shouldn’t have ditched XP to double the size of the SSD.

  • raleigh1208

    Been waiting and waiting for the Dell, but couldn’t wait any longer, so couple of weeks ago I pulled the trigger on an eee pc 1000h. Now that I see the Dell, I’m glad I didn’t wait!! Only 8 gb hd would be an immediate no-go. Dell sure blew it!! Could have come in with a full featured netbook and cleaned up the market, but instead they have matched the low end of the market. What a disappointment!

  • heavyharmonies

    I don’t know about overseas, but within tech circles here in the states, NO ONE ever pays full price for Dell systems. They perpetually have daily/weekly coupon deals (see for IMO the best clearinghouse of computer deals). It’s only a matter of time before Dell runs a 20-30% off deal on these, so unless you’re in a hurry, I’d wait for the deals…

    Disappointing that it’s seemingly SSD only.

  • DublD

    Gee, I want the XP edition without XP. Can I get that one too? I’m happy with Ubuntu anyway (I’m using it now).

  • DublD

    Yah, hey! At least they don’t try to saddle you with WinVista. That’s about the only worse thing. Windows XP with an 8 GB storage device…

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  • facepalm

    It doesn’t cost $1, it doesn’t have a quad core processor with 8GB of memory and the battery doesn’t last 24 hours. Worst notebook ever, I’m totally glad I didn’t wait to get this.


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  • What a downer… With Dell’s tendency to equate $ = € this definitely isn’t all that good a deal. I agree that above-average battery life could and the brand name probaby will make this a successful product. But I’m not impressed.

  • BTW, just found this via Engadget, prices at Dell Germany start at €369:

    • Hehe, the Dell Web site also says that due to the huge demand it might be 15 days before the thing actually gets shipped.

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  • rahul

    Hmm .. I wonder how fast the SSD is. If its a really fast SSD, then the price might be justified. If its a lame SSD like the Aspire One, then Dell blew it.

  • Enthusiast

    I too am disappointed by what I see above.
    Also, the Dell site wasn’t fully operational, when I just went to it.

    Still at last Dell has entered the fray. Let us hope the high early pricing is for the early adopters.

    And we will get more details, and Dell will also get feedback.

    I think the 350 USD model is worth 250, unless it has a 9 hour battery, and I want to know more about the screen and keyboard especially.

    They are coming out with some more in a month or two, and then again next year, and then maybe we will be happier.

    But anyway, Dell has bought into the game. Let the dealing begin!


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  • Judge

    I dont get why people are so down this is good news
    for the budget umpc market now the big boys (Dell, HP and IBM) are here prices will come down!!

    31whr battery so that almost the same as a m912 which is 32whr given the dell has not touch screen and SSD I would think this should give 3-3.5 hours battery life.

  • Yu

    Does the Mini 9 have Blacktop installed? That’s the instant-on OS that no one talks about anymore for some reason. If it’s installed it makes the machine very attractive.

  • Wow, that’s a pretty sweet deal they got going there:

    “If you can wait until 6 a.m. Central tomorrow, Sept. 5, you’ll be able to get a Mini for only $99 with the purchase of a Studio 15, XPS M1530 or XPS M1330 laptop through 6 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9 (U.S. only).”


    Damn, I wish I were in the U.S., I could almost fall for such a XPS M1330 / Mini 9 combo!

  • miro

    I was looking forward to this, but I might have to go with the Acer Aspire One. 1gb ram, 120gb hard drive for $350 at Best Buy. Oh yeah, it has a function key row. No messing around with the Fn key!

  • Rob

    I am searching through the mini 9 web pages and customize windows and it seems the $450 has a 16gb SSD.

  •’s Joanna Stern has just posted her review of the Mini 9:

    – 3h 12min battery life is quite okay
    – some keys seem to be placed at odd locations

    Overall Joanna recommends the Mini 9 over the Aspire One.

  • TimBirguise

    hhmmm, Joanna’s review seems a little “fishy”

  • Jerry

    I like Dell but the non-staggered keys keyboard will keep me far away from this fumbled disaster.

  • dryfire

    The price they set is the price anyone working for the government/higher education has to pay (at least in this state). We MUST purchase computers through dell.

    I waited for the dell to see if it would be worth trying to purchase through the university (it would be kind of free… in a sense), but the nonstandard position of the [] keys and the right shift behind the up arrow make me want to buy an aspire one instead.

    It’s only saving grace would be if it came with a very fast SSD and a long battery life. 3 hours is not too bad if extra batteries are cheap.

  • p53

    Thanks Dell!!!

    BC of this blunder the Aspire One price is now $500.00.

    Price increase was instantaneous this AM…


    • Praxis

      The Acer One is still $330 with $10 shipping and no tax outside of NJ at I think they had free shipping yesterday, but no longer thought it necessary. I just ordered one, I regret having waited for the Dell announcement. Few color options, apparently you can’t upgrade RAM, I haven’t read anything about easily upgradeable SSDs (which were bruited about in places earlier), plus it sounds thermally hotter than the Acer. Battery life isn’t a big concern for me (2 hours is enough), plus the Acer seems to have an extra SD slot and it is possible (though not easy) to add an extra gig of RAM.

  • davetweed

    This isn’t so much a big disaster as a collection of individual flaws, one of which I could live with, but taken together make this something not to buy. There’s the function row, the annoying changes in key layout, the lack of storage space and a price that’s significantly more expensive than I’d want to pay for a netbook in absolute terms, let alone compared to current prices on it’s competitors.

    I wonder if there’s any hope Dell will actually detect that it’s not selling quickly and do a revision?

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  • Used Laptop

    I hope this Mini9 really turns out to be a real best friend and works all the way and doesn’t go haywire in times of need like some wayward friend.

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