Next Nokia Tablets to include Omap 3 and 3G. (Speed and connectivity at last!)

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It’s so funny. One of the last comments I wrote last night was that I thought the next Nokia Tablet would be based on Omap 3. Today, its confirmed. Dan (Thoughtfix) is out in Berlin and has just started live blogging. The other thing I wrote in my comment was ‘I’ll be extremely interested to see it, how fast it is, whether they include 3G/4G’ That seems to be happening too.

However, there has been no device announcement. It appears that Nokia are just giving details of the platform. The three previous tablets were seriously lacking in processing power and connectivity but this should fix all that. I just hope it doesn’t take so long.

Keep tuned to where Dan is updating.

See yesterdays news item about Ti OMAP for more info and links.

Update: InternetTabletTalk also have a brief news item

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    the big question is now price. how much of a premium will that 3G radio add?

  • Marc

    Need prices and release dates, and so far it doesn’t sound too soon….

  • kyuss

    that was foreseeable to me :-)

    anyway, i’m getting excited…

    now let’s just hope that the price is right and that it doesn’t take nokia forever to release something (waiting for intel MIDs is frustrating…)


  • dbzeag

    Please let them produce it with a Cortex core. Then the apps and code will just run natively on a Pandora.

    • chippy

      Omap 3 is Cortex core, yes.

  • chippy

    Yeah. Considering they talked about HSPA, this is likely to be an EU launch first. I don’t expect a 2008 product though.

  • John

    Hasn’t this switch been anticipated for a while now? It’s a very logical progression from the current OMAP processor. Hmm….Maybe I’m just recalling the threads on the internettablettalk forum…

    I guess this means I’ll have to think about upgrading from my N800, especially if they’ve improved the screen size and resolution. C’monnn 5″+ screen…..

  • Carlos

    I had the Non-WiMax Nokia n810. One of the biggest disappointments was that I could not install Google Earth (wanted to couple the GPS capability of the N810’s with Google Earth) due to the fact that, even though Google Earth is made for Linux, the N810’s processor is NOT based on the x86 architecture! If the x86 architecture could be added, along with increasing the amount of memory (flash) that the device can deal (the N810 can only take up to 8 GB SD Cards) with, it’d be wonderful! I’d like to purchase the N810 WiMax, but I think I will wait for its successor.


      maybe take a look at the aigo/gigabyte mid.

      still, what google earth really needs is a 3D chip, something the N810 has in theory, but lack the drivers for.

      and while it would be fun to watch a globe on that device, i would say that a 3G connection and maemo mapper aimed at google satellite works just as good.

      oh, and from what i can gather, the N810 can support larger then 8GB cards, its just that nokia have only verified by internal testing that 8GB cards work. and 16GB micro SD cards are still somewhat hard to come by iirc, but i do think some over at the forum have tried em.

      i would wait for the N900 or have a long hard look at the pandora.

      as for what architecture a device runs, not really important. if google had felt that they could reach a large percentage of users by porting google earth to arm, they would have done so. but so far the devices using arm have been low powered, 3D-less devices more often then not. this may change in 2009-2010 tho.

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