Benq S6 MID owner reveals all.

Posted on 03 October 2008 by

When we heard that Alberto, a reader in Italy, was thinking about buying the Benq S6 last week we jumped on him! Flowers, chocolates, anything, just to get him to buy it and report for us. Luckily for us he fell for our plan and yesterday, received a shiny new Benq S6 from TIM in Italy. It costs 429 Euros without a contract (but with a SIM card and some free data minutes) and Alberto appears to be very happy.  He’s sent us a big set of photos with a note saying “I start writing today…. in the while believe me, wifi, firefox and Office suite arecool.”  Here are the photos. Expect a hands-on report in the next 48hrs and some video playback testing results early next week. In the meantime, Alberto, AKA, TDFS, has offered to answer questions in a forum thread here.

benq_mid_s6-025 benq_mid_s6-019 benq_mid_s6-022 benq_mid_s6-011


Benq S6 information, specs, links on the Benq S6 product page.

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