Beautiful UMPC concept from Toshiba

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The word ‘concept’ is not an easy word to write here. I want to say ‘product coming’ instead!


This image is from who have a few more that you should take a look at. I have a feeling that by using the best available display technology and platforms like Menlow designers could come up with some incredible umpcs and e-reader devices. And when I say connected e-reader devices I mean everything from locally stored ebooks and PDFs to live webpages. The modern-day newspaper. I’m imagining a slick UI and a capacitive touchscreen and an OS and hardware that offers the normal desktop PC experience. MmmmmID-Tastic!

Check out Pocketables for more pics.

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  • John

    I can’t tell from that what the screen size is, but it doesn’t appear to be (physically) different from how I would envision the iPod Touch Plus.

    If that’s an 7″ to 8.9″ screen, then that’s just about right.

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