Lluon Mobbit price. (Korea.) UMID launching soon there too.

Posted on 23 January 2009 by

News from Kevin Kang at CNet Asia.

Up from a previously announced price and a little more than I wanted to see is the $575, KRW 799,000, Korean price of the Lluon Mobbit UMPC.

Additional information I can give out those Korean MIDs, Viliv and UMID also about to launch their S5 and M1 within February here in Korea.

Some more info over at CNet but before you go there , tell us what you think of the price. 3G ultra mobile PC with XP for around $600. Good or bad?

TG Sambo MID Luuon Mobbit price is out! – CNET Asia Blogs: DigiHunter by Kevin (Kilmo) Kang, Korea.

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  1. Digihunter says:

    Well, Luuon Mobbit isn’t include 3G module or sim slot. That price tag goes for basic version of Luuon Mobbit without 3G module or Wibro(WiMAX). If you going to purchase WiBro model it will cost you U$503.00 (KRW 699,000) with 18 months of contract.

    BTW, this pre-order is limit number on quantity. 150 sets only!

    Chippy Reply:

    Oh dear. The news is worse than i thought.

    EC Reply:

    What news is it that is worse than you thought [confused].

    EC Reply:

    Why do you say “LUUON” when it clearly says “LLUON”

    (and see link next post, double links in one post gets blocked sometimes)

    So rumor has it the UMID will be launched shortly in Korea?

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