Eee PC ‘Seashell’ 1008HA Image Set

Posted on 03 March 2009 by

JKKMobile will have a brief video of the 1008HA very soon but here’s the image set I took at the ASUS press Conference. Its a slick looking device but there’s no real info on specs at this stage. It looks like the battery is sealed-in too.

Full set of images in the gallery.

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  • Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine

    eee PC 1008HA Image Set

  • JP

    Looks like a cheap Mac Book Air (“cheap” as “plastic” and “lower-price point”, not as “not durable”) ;-)

    • EC

      You’re saying the Macbook Air is known to be durable!?

      Please just Google “Macbook Air hinges” and see for yourself!!

  • DR

    Sounds like your a fanboy (“fanboy” as in “no-life” and “whiny kid”, not as “grown up”) ;)

  • EC

    Typical Macbook Air site unfortunately:

    And I AM a Mac user/owner!

  • i want one! hmm new Categorized | netbook

    Tags : 1008HA, hmm Eee PC ‘Seashell’ 1008HA

  • To EC

    Dude, don’t sit on your MacBook Air and do not cut sausages with it, so and it won’t crash like this on your photo. I own one (first generation), use it hardly and it is rock solid.

    • EC

      I don’t have any MacBook, Air or otherwise, well as of 48hours now I do have a DellBook Mini as I call it :) Dell Mini 9 with full unhacked OS X, and loving it. We do have a couple real Macbooks in the family though. My wife complains about her 2 yr old MacBook (not air mind you!) that it’s edges are SHARP still :(

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