Computex. More UMPCs from Viliv. Microsoft to use S5 in Keynote

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We had a very detailed email and press release from Viliv today which is now available on their English-language website. In summary, it looks like they will be highlighting global 3G and 4G versions of the S5, X70 EX and S7 UMPCs and demonstrating Windows 7. They will also be revealing two new models. A 10” model and a 4.8” device with keyboard.

The press release also mentions that Microsoft will be using an S5 with Windows 7 in their keynote. We can’t wait to hear what the VP’s of Microsoft call it. UMPC, MID or Mini Tablet?

Finally they have told us that a retail version of the S5 Premium 3G with 32GB SSD is on it’s way to our office so when we get back from Computex there will be a nice present waiting.

Expect more detailed information on the Viliv devices next week as I’ll be there covering the events here and on

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  • Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine

    New article: Computex. More UMPCs from Viliv. Microsoft to use S5 in Keynote

  • RT @chippy: New article: Computex. More UMPCs from Viliv. Microsoft to use S5 in Keynote

  • Yes, Yes and Yes!
    it’s getting more and more exiting! :)

  • DrNick

    UMPC Portal got name checked in the press release. Very nice. :-)

    • Yes, in the same week as the product rankings went belly-up too! (We had a database problem)

  • deriuqer

    Computex,E3… I’m getting mad ! XD

  • suchus

    Have a good trip to Taiwan, Steve.
    I’m looking really forward to hear more about the latest MIDs (especially MID-phones).

  • its != it’s

    Viliv S5 3G on its way? Nice!

    Has there been any new info on that GPS issue you had with the non-3G model earlier?

  • Blauhung

    damn, now I wish I wouldn’t have sprung for the S5 if I knew there was a 4.8″ with a keyboard coming. Although I won’t be so sad if it’s a clamshell or has less then 4 hours battery life

    • tmarks11

      please…please…let it be a slate.

      just what the world needs is another look-alike clamshell… although the manufacturer should realize that they have one mainstream guy who potentially will want it…

      • ssagg

        I’m in too. Could this be the OQO replacement. If it’s similary speced to the S5 and a slider It could be It’s succesor (OQO’s I mean)
        Can’t wait to see mor information

    • quazy


      • DrNick

        I’m with you ssagg. I’m hoping it’s a slider. Slide and tilt would be cool.

  • Suppy

    It looks like something moved forward on UMPC/MID’s market. I hope we can see all of them ready for sell (globaly) this year! Very nice. It also means stronger competition.

    Chippy, don’t drink too much coffee next week ;-) and have a good time there. And trips.

    I am waiting for next (busy) week.

  • Digihunter

    c u at the MS or Viliv’s booth, steve. ^^

    • Will be great to meet you at last!

  • SuperCoolNameHere

    4.8″ with a KB would be a slider not a slate

    if any company can pull it off it’s Viliv, especially after the extremely impressive S5.

    pick up were OQO left off

    • scoobie

      Exactly. Lets hope it has a MS OS though and isn;t some Linux device

    • Maybe they picked up the OQO 2+ rights!

      • quazy

        I remember a post some where. That talked about how oqo was in talks with a manufacture but it didn`t say who. I think you might be onto something steve.;)

        • DrNick

          That would be very cool and if that was true, I hope they wouldn’t keep OQO’s pricing. Keep the OLED screen, 2gb of ram, and 1.8 ghz atom but use the same case materials as the Viliv S5.

  • Jerru

    Forget the MIDS coverage, enjoy the food Steve. :)

    • Mmmm. Thats something i’m really looking forward to.

  • frustrating

    Hi chippy or jkk, whoever can help me to install touch screen driver and GPS driver on S5 premium under windows xp professional version? I got mine S5 but need XP pro. I spent two days, exhausted, but can’t make the two work. and it’s a cram not to have the real keyboard on hand hold device. the softkeyboard is terrible. but i still like this toy. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  • squirrel

    (sorry, if i posted that twice – i can’t see the first post)
    will the 3G version work in 900Mhz?
    what chip is in WiMAX version?

  • gurry

    4.8 with keyboard – if its built in 3g and runs xp Im sold on that one!!

  • Eobard

    Please let it be a slider and have ‘real’ mouse control (optical) on the bezel and not on the keyboard… hate having to open the keyboard just to use the mouse, right, OQO?

    • ssagg

      Good point. I hate that too
      Perhaps it could be an optical mouse

  • Ux

    Mac OS X 10.5.7 (Leopard) inside?
    Video-out for videopresentations using NATIVE Apple Keynote and Microsoft Powerpoint files after booting as Mac?

    • DrNick


  • TareX

    An S5 with Windows 7????? This is BIG.

    • If MS are using it for demo purposes then I guess it’s on the roadmap.


  • Seven windows on the s5! It is stable?

  • Ahh,
    And remember, wants to have images of vilivgirl’s!

    • Oh yes. I’ve got a new SD card just for that!

  • ^^
    I convey to my French reader’s ;)

  • ssagg

    My wishlist
    4.8″ w/keyboard (I would prefer an Aigo 8860 style better than OQO’s) expandable Ram, optical mouse or OQO’s pointer, some not too expensive SSD option, internal 3g card, 1000 x 600 screen but with a hardware shortcut (as OQO) to lower it to 800 x 480 for those over 40, under USD 1000.-

    • ssagg

      Did I forgot to mention W7 in it?
      I relly like how it runs in the OQO and it should be the same in an S5 alike device

  • Beware

    A keyboard model would be FANTASTIC if it was in the same price bracket with similar specs to the current S5 and had 3G. The issue I have with the S5 is that I use trackers for music and you REALLY need a keyboard for that. I, personally, hope it’s NOT the OQO 02+ as the price would be astronomical.

    • scoobie

      Oqo are also very unreliable.

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