Linpus to launch first Moblin V2-based End-User Distribution? Update: Screenshots

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049 Something a lot of people seem to have missed is that the Linux Foundation’s Moblin 2.0 Beta release is targeted more at Linux distributors rather than end-users. You wouldn’t think so from some of the promotional activities that have been going on but it’s probably the reason that a lot of people are expressing disappointment after testing it out. As we look forward, it’s likely that the Linux Foundation will continue to target distributors rather than end users. We’ll double-check next week at the Moblin keynote in Computex [June 3, 2009, 12:00-13:30] but the fact that Linpus have announced a full release of Linpus Lite based on Moblin 2.0 appears to back this up.

At Computex Linpus, the most popular operating system in the netbook space, will be showing a number of cutting edge new open source consumer products, including: its updated instant-on product, and the first look at its Moblin V2 Linpus Linux Lite with Linpus UI and Intel UI versions.
The Moblin V2 final source code, and, in particular, the user interface was only recently released – because of this the Linpus version is one of the first available on the market.
The new version of Linpus Linux Lite boots in less than 15 seconds and takes the user experience to the next level: our live desktop gives live and instant access to recent and favorite websites, communication tools, applications and multimedia; it adds cutting edge clutter technology allowing more vivid graphics and simulation of real world movement and physicality: actions, instructions, and places are easier to remember and more fun; and it has integrated all the key features and benefits of Moblin V2 including the Intel UI.
[Source: Press Release]

Linpus mention a ‘first-look’ in their press release which indicates that the product may not be 100% ready for launch yet but you’ll find some more info and a placeholder on the Linpus website. The download isn’t active yet but it based on this, it looks like more than just a beta. Linpus have worked with Acer and Benq netbooks in the past so if you’re an Acer or Benq netbook owner, the chances are that this distribution will be a good solution for you. Unfortunately, there may not be touchscreen support and there won’t be support for Z-Series and Poulsbo.

Update: We’ve got some screenshots now. Click to enlarge. 

LinpusLite (11)  LinpusLite (3)

LinpusLite (9) LinpusLite (5)

More images in the gallery. 

We’ll be at Computex next week to check this out. 

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  • Jonathan Lozinski

    “Linpus, the most popular operating system in the netbook space”

    Who’s it popular with. Every Apire One Owner on the planet hated that butchered linux.. The sooner I got that off it the better.. Yes it booted fast, but wow thanks for making it impossible to do simple things like install other software and customise the menus. now everyone thinks linux is “hard”.. Now it’s XP only on netbooks.. Thanks a bunch linpus. Moblin runs awesome, does have a few bugs, but if linpus start butchering that and making it hard to do anything other than the default it will get bad press..

    • Melay

      thats sooo true, i only just managed to install the latest openoffice..
      I’m looking forward to installing WinXP after my exams are through.. until then I just dont have the time.

      The Beta-Moblin looks very nice: Iphone-experience on a netbook!

  • Suppy

    I agree. I think most people have XP on their Netbooks or at least both systems.
    Linux is definietly not for a mass market: that’s my thoughts (I still have N800 and can’t make it my primary device.)


    i do wonder what they based that network manager on, and if it will fix some of the issues that seems to have plagued netbook bundled distros…

    • theluketaylor

      intel has started their own connection manager daemon project to include in moblin since they think NetworkManager is poor. I would tend to agree with them. It’s called ConnMan and you can find details about it here:

  • Brüx Harris.

    Adorei essa distribuição Linux.

  • Linpus lanzará la primera distribución de moblin

  • @tariqkrim Do you know

  • zzzzzzzz

    I booted Moblin and I must say it feels like a netbook who wants to be a smart phone. If you use a netbook as a professional tool you want a more real notebook approach.

    The problem as I see it is that Moblin seems to be tailored for touch screen use as well. Combining a convenient touch screen UI with a classical keyboard+mouse UI is really challenging. If you are using mouse+keyboard you don’t want the oversized widgets and another setup of the menus.

    However, I find Clutter to be a very interesting UI framwork that would have interesting capabilities on a desktop as well.

    If I would use Linux I would actually use a normal Linux distro.

  • Linpus to introduce Moblin 2.0 version. Way kewl news for netbook owners. Can’t wait to try it on my Acer Aspire One.

  • Acer should just preinstall Ubuntu Easy Peasy, which works flawlessly out of the box and has a ton of application just one click away.
    Every time someone asks me how to install something in Aspire One, I just recommend Easy Peasy. NO ONE has found a single disadvantage in it.

  • nonogm

    Hello, sad guys.
    Wot’s wrong with you? Linpus on AAO is a fine thing, once you know how to move a bit your finger out of your …
    Plenty of blogs to enable you to do great things.
    Updating the installed softwares to latest version.
    Personally I have linpus, ubuntu 9.04, remix and windows 7 on my AAO 150. Just for your info, linpus is the one starting the fastest, and lasting the longer on the batteries.
    See ya

    • It is indeed the fastest but it just gives dependency hell whenever you try to install something. I tried a lot but I couldn’t install a single thing…
      If you know a repository that works, please share it with us.

    • It is indeed the fastest but it just gives dependency hell whenever you try to install something. I tried a lot but I couldn’t install a single thing…
      If you know a repository that works, please share it with us.

  • Ryan McLean

    My problem with linpus is that it is designed for netbooks, which have no cd/dvd drive. Yet they insist on only have an ISO verison on their site, no USB installer.


  • nekki

    well.. i guess you have to load the iso into ur usb stick which most people do it saves cds :)

  • John Pen

    when will the end user Version of Moblin be releast

  • Børge

    About linpus. When installing it on a acpire one, I used a bunch of howtos found when searching for linpus+tweaks. Managed to do almost whatever I wanted. With a few tweaks you actually get a menu with a bunch of applications that simply arent showing in the standard linpus menus. Including some outdated fedora package manager, for installing more software.

  • haru

    i dont see any single linpus screenshot here…
    all i see is moblin v2 beta screenshots. i was interested in the linpus version of moblin but that here is just moblin pure.

    i mean i can start my own haru.os, write my name in the mid left area of moblin and sell that as my own moblin version… wow what a deal :/

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