Kohjinsha PA3 Unboxing Video

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pa Here’s an unboxing of the ultra mobile PC that might just get an award for ugliest device of the year!

It looks to be more usable than the UMID M1 that we think it is based on which puts it in that category of devices like the WiBrain which sometimes turn out to be very useful devices indeed!


Source: Wow Pow.

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  • New article: Kohjinsha PA3 Unboxing Video http://bit.ly/4zT3UN

  • RT @chippy: New article: Kohjinsha PA3 Unboxing Video http://bit.ly/4zT3UN

  • turn_self_off

    darn it, i want one!

  • João Oliveira (BassoPT)

    Come on Steve!!

    It’s not that ugly its as ugly as most of KJ devices.
    Really looks a mix of the umid m1 with m2 plus some interesting extras (tablet, optical mouse). Battery looks exactly the same as the m1 (we need to check it’s specs), and if its the same, there is no way anyone will get 7.5h.

    Let’s wait to see a detalied review. As you said it might turn out to be an interesting device!

    • It’s ugly! ;-)
      Kohjinsha devices have been getting good recently (SK3 is a sweet looking device) but this is a step in the wrong direction. At least for western tastes in my opinion.
      Usability is another matter though. As you say, it could turn out to be interesting. Certainly more usable than the UMID with the optical mouse pointers.

    • anon

      Indeed, it brings the M2 to mind. Interestingly the Kohjinsha PA3 is a convertible! If the design wasn’t as flashy and had more… western aesthetics, it would be pretty darn interesting. I wouldn’t want a device looking like that though. It isn’t pocketable either as far as I can tell.

      Now, if the M2 fits in a pocket and could have a hinge like that… then again, a convertible hinge like that would probably prevent grabbing it by the bezel and using its optical mouse without straining the single twisting hinge. On the PA3 the mouse is at bottom front; otherwise it has been designed to be used as a tablet. They are quite different devices after all.

      • ArchiMark

        Good points.

        So, does anyone have any more news about when we might see the M2 released???

  • RT @chippy: New article: Kohjinsha PA3 Unboxing Video http://bit.ly/4zT3UN

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  • Realty

    This appears to be a nice device. Look forward to full reviews.

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  • Phil

    Hmm, so Kohjinsha PA3 or XP phone.
    tough one. I was actually thinking This PA3 was most interesting UMPC device to date. Ugly, who cares. It’s got everything. Tablet, keyboard. What else are you looking for?


  • Realty

    Wonder how this would compare to the Fujitsu 820?

  • As an owner of an M1, I have to say that I had a lot of issues with the touch screen being accurate on my device. While it was fine for navigating Windows, it was not good enough to take notes. Because of the clamshell design, this isn’t a big deal, but on the PA3, with the ‘tablet’ mode, I think there may be a disappointment with the touch screen.

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