Vega, the giant Tegra/Android slate

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vega A company called Innovative Convergent Devices has put info up on their website about a new device called the Vega, which purportedly will be an Android 2.0 powered slate device which will come in your choice of size: 7”, 11” or up to a whooping 15.6”.

Check the specs (likely subject to change):

  • Android OS
  • 7/11/15.6” resistive touchscreen at 1366×768
  • Nvidia Tegra (probably the Tegra 600 or 650, which are both Arm 11)
  • 4 hour battery life
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 512MB of memory (expandable through MicroSD)
  • Bluetooth and WiFi b/g
  • Options for 2G or 3G data module
  • headphone jack and webcam
  • dual microphones
  • accelerometer

And one other thing listed on the spec sheet that is rather odd: 262,000 colors (6-bit) which seems sort of low for a device that claims to be usable for HD content.

The press release on IDC’s site says that the device will be released through “Tier 1” carriers in the US, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, which should mean that the device will be subsidized. They are also set to show off a demo unit at this year’s CES (Jan 7-10) and hope to launch in the first half of 2010.

There is a lot of talk about the Vega being a “no compromise” product that consumers really want, however, I don’t know about you… but I’d call a slate device with no physical keyboard and a resistive touchscreen just that: a compromise. Your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Patrick

    Puny CPU, puny battery, 6-bit screen color?? Next product please…

  • squirrel

    For me the weight is important.
    If it is true that 15,4″ slate will weight 1,3 kg, that will be great

  • Vega, the giant Tegra/Android slate

  • johnkzin

    Hm. 7″ is too small, 11″ is too big.
    512MB of storage is too little.
    512MB of RAM is too little.
    4 hours of battery is pretty pathetic.
    6 bit is not 262,000 colors. 6 bit is 64 colors. 262,000 colors is 18 bit, I believe (which is 6 bits PER base color (6 bits red, 6 bits green, 6 bits blue).

    Almost had my hopes up on this one. Too bad. It’s too little.

  • TareX

    Unfortunately Tegra 1 is DOA… but then again if it plays 1080p HD video for long periods of time, than what else do you want?

    I’m waiting for Tegra 2, which has ALREADY been demoed on a netbook in October by the way.

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  • Adrian

    I wonder, why such a good idea is running on Android ??? Win XP is good enough but definitely it’s not abnormal OS.
    I wolud offer:
    – screen 8″,9″,10″,11″,12″,14″,15″ …
    – CPU – usual standard
    – RAM – usual standard
    – Storage – at least 16 GB
    – port – USB (3x), LAN, VGA, Svideo, Headphones
    Generally: minimalistic, stylish and please NOT glossy surface, without huge margins, with dimesions of ususal magazine which weight is less than 1kg

  • Verim

    Omg. I’m searching for something like that for years. this one would be great to read comics or mangas on it. love!

  • Mike Lone

    262,000 colors is an Android 1.6 issue – 32bit color is supported in Android 2.0

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