7″ Acer Android Slate with Keyboard and 3G

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David Flynn of APCmag.com in Australia has uncovered an interesting device whilst at Acer’s Source Home conference in Beijing. The as-yet unnamed tablet devices is running Google’s Android operating system and sports a full QWERTY keyboard and embedded 3G.

APCmag qouted Acers CEO and president Gianfranco Lanci as saying the device should arrive in Q4 of these year. Lanci also states that although the tablet is similar to the iPad  “We are not convinced that 10 inches is the right size for this type of device. It becomes too close to a netbook in size, and why should it not be a netbook with full PC capability?”

The device will have Acer’s own user interface and be used primarily for “books, music and videos, browsing the internet, email and chatting” Lanci says, he goes on to say that “Android is very good in terms of Internet browsing and connectivity. You can run it on an ARM processor at a certain speed and Android is light enough not to overload the CPU”.


Further details are slim at the moment but from what I can tell it looks like it could make an excellent ebook reader. We’ll be keeping a look out for this at Computex next week.

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  1. Earlean Moffitt says:

    Just bought a Mythic for myself and is going to be obtaining one particular for my wife soon! It has just the proper mix of attributes. just short of the total smartphone. I’m retaining an eye within the Captivate for a possible future cellphone..
    .selling prices are way as well large when released. I’ve been in large tech for 20+ many years and essentially hack everything I own to create it better laptops, GPS, auto navigation devices, and so on. and yes cell phones as well. In the couple of days I’ve owned the cell phone I have previously set up Opera Mini, Bolt 2.1, freecaddie, Google Maps w/GPS functionality, deleted all locked ineffective apps following backing them up and absolutely modified the menu method to my exact requires devoid of all ineffective apps.