MeeGo Tablets Land! Wistron W1. Moorestown, MeeGo and ‘No Demo Until Tomorrow’

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Wistron W1 Tablet (3) I’ve just stepped away from a tablet-fest. It’s like I’m partying in 2006, Origami style, here! The difference is that these devices are thin, look good and run from 9 to 12 inches.

The most interesting was, of course, the thinnest device which apparently runs on Moorestown with MeeGo which means, this is a smart slate. E.g. Always-on. Obviously with MeeGo it will compete in the consumer space and it’s totally obvious that this bouncing off the iPad hype. I can’t wait to see it because if they include AppUp, it becomes a more complete product than most of the Android slates we’ve seen so far. Expect to see the MeeGo handheld UI experience demonstrated tomorrow in the ultra-mobility presentation. We might even see it at the keynote this afternoon. More coming soon.

Wistron W1 Tablet Wistron W1 Tablet (3)

Wistron W1 Tablet (2) Wistron W1 Tablet (1)

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