Intel Finally Throws up Ultrabook Page

Posted on 05 August 2011 by

I’m surprised it took this long. An Ultrabook micro-site is now available on the Intel web site.

Ultrabook appears to be a important word in Intel. They’ve trademarked it (in the U.S.) and stated that it will cover 40% of notebook sales by end of 2012 so why it took so long is a mystery. It’s also a mystery why there’s a lack of information. I hope it’s going to be padded out in the weeks leading up to IDF.

How about a section for equipment designers, a full ‘certification’ list, a section for products [I believe we’ve got that covered!] and even promotional videos.

For the time being, it’s just a site to keep an eye on for changes. We’ll let you know so check back here regularly or track us on Twitter.

Ultrabook micro-site on Thanks Freakyfred!

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  • Laimei

    Intel is NUTS if they think UB’s will be 40% of sales as long as netbooks & 15″ mainstream laptops are still around.

    while I love the idea of UB’s, price isn’t the only Achilles Hill, so is storage. considering the state of cloud storage at the moment is an absolute joke. if you want to save anything you will have to have external HDD’s or your own network. while this is fine for people like us, it’s not fine for the bulk of people who buy PC’s.

    • At this stage I agree that 40% in 16 months is probably not going to happen. Looking into 2013 though, there are some good possibilities. I suspect thru Ultrabooks are targeted more at business where the security will be the selling point and local storage requirements ate lower For consumer market, the low-end versions at $699 could satisfy a big portion of the market too. Always-on is going to have big appeal too.
      40% is something like 100 million though, that’s a tall order.

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