Our Mobile Computing Forums are Back!

Posted on 08 August 2011 by

We had so many problems with the UMPCPortal forum earlier this year that I eventually had to close the forum for new registrations. After some thought we decided to completely re-build the site on a new system and today we’re readyto announce our new mobile computing forum! It’s clean, fast and has all the features you expect.

forum header

We’ve moved the new forum over to MeetMobility.com and expanded it to cover the segments that match our three main websites.

All the accounts and the 37000 posts from UMPCPortal have been migrated (all the way back to Origami in 2006!) and those that were regular members should be able to log right into the new forum and get going. Some users (those with 5 posts or less) will find themselves as ‘banned’ users. Contact us via the link at the bottom of the forum and we’ll get you up and running in no time. Unfortunately we had to lock out thousands of spam accounts and ‘real’ users will have got caught up in that process.

Forum pro’s might notice that some features aren’t enabled or optimised. We’re still tweaking the set-up so don’t hesitate to give us feedback and tips. Vbulletin is a new process for us.

We hope you get stuck in and enjoy the forums. Ben and myself are looking forward to mobile computing chat with you there.

  • Lirboiq

    so what ever happened to the Meet Mobility podcasts?

    speaking of which, whatever happened to JKK period? seems like you 3 guys don’t do much anymore in comparison to the UMPC/netbook days. is everybody disappointed with Android & just waiting for Windows 8 (ARM) to come out?

    • the podcast is taking a break. I don’t think it will return into the same format unfortunately. Were all still in contact but focusing on our own thing at the moment.

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