LG Xnote P220. Not quite an Ultrabook. Full Specs Now in the Ultrabook Database

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After scouring the net for an update on the LG Xnote P220 finding and entering all the details and images into our database I’ve decided that the P220 isn’t an Ultrabook. But it’s awesome enough that it needs a close look, even if it’s just for the screen.

The LG ‘Shuriken’ display [more info in this article] is the main feature here offering a 12.5” 1366×769 IPS screen in the same size as an 11.6” screen. it looks so impressive with the thin frame.



p220-s.ae50k_f2mxLG are quoting a 6.5hrs battery life, charging USB port (USB 2.0 only) along with HDMI, SDXC and….well take a look at the full specifications in the product datasheet along with the rest of the images.

Note that there are 2 models. The entry level model comes with a 320GB hard drive but it’s no known if it’s a hybrid drive with SSD cache so this could slow down boot, resume and application startup time. The 128GB SSD version (SE50K in Korea) solves this problem. There’s no Gigabit Ethernet support. Local pricing for the entry level SD35K)is US$1050 equivalent.

LG Xnote 220P Specifications and Gallery.

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  • lack of USB 3.0 at this point in time is a dealbreaker :/ does it have backlt keys?

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