Cedar Trail Netbook Delays. Are You Waiting?

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Despite all the fuss about Ultrabooks and Tablets there’s still a significant market for netbooks out there as small, low-cost ‘just enough’ laptops. Developing countries, students, secondary laptops, travel laptops or simply the lowest cost laptop possible, the Netbooks are a valid choice. With the next generation, using Cedar Trail as the CPU cplatform, it gets even better with significant improvements to 3D graphics that should smooth-out quite a few Windows 7 and application experiences. There are improvements in efficiency too that could enable some lighter 10″ tablet formats and thinner netbook designs. Expect Ultrabook-style devices too with SSD’s, sealed designs and of-course, a much lower price than the current Ultrabooks.

But Cedar Trail is delayed. . .again, apparently because the graphics driver certification hasn’t been completed. In the meantime AMD  Fusion netbooks push further into the market.

With Oaktrail-based devices not quite hitting the mark where consumer experience is concerned, [where are those 1.8Hz Oaktrail options?] it’s important that Cedar Trail reaches the market as soon as possible.

Anyone waiting to buy a new Netbook? Would you like to see more Netbook coverage here? We will be at CES in Jan so we’ll get some details of new models, performance and availability then. In the meantime, check the related links below for some more Cedar Trail background.


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Tom says:

    I’m not waiting for netbooks but I am waiting for notebooks in a netbook form factor (non-Atom or AMD equivalent). Maybe in 2012.

    Chippy Reply:

    Tom, you need to join me on Saturday.

  2. prn says:

    I’m on the Asus 1015PED now, it’s to big for light traveling. Been waiting for a long time for something with 5-7″ screen, x86 and good stock Ubuntu support. Meaning no “Z” series Atom for me. Anybody know something to look out for?

  3. earl says:

    tom samsung series 3 with intel core i3 ulv 2357m

    mike Reply:

    That’s not really netbook sized. At least to me it should have a 10 inch or less screen. For now, I’m buying 11.6 inch notebooks (not ultrabooks) but would jump on a 10 inch nOtebook that’s at most 1 inch thick.

    I wouldn’t mind more netbook coverage here since maybe they’ll eventually be powerful enough for me. I’ll only put up with the lag of Atom CPUs on 5-7 inch screened devices.

  4. bearforce1 says:


    Yes please. I would love to have more info on netbooks. Or rather I suppose I would like info on 10 inch sized machines with great battery life that can do the basics, including watching HD of all formats.

  5. Marauderz says:

    While the slides look impressive and such, hasn’t Intel broken their promises before on what kind of performance we’d be expecting from the a new ATOM?

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