Toshiba Z830 With Core i7 Now Available in US.

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Along with three other models, the Core i7 variant of the Z830 has surfaced for order in the U.S,  with a fingerprint reader but no 256GB SSD option yet.


Following previous announcements in Europe that appear to have held back the Core i7 version of the Toshiba Z830 [seen in testing results] from the shelves, it’s good to know it’s actually available in the U.S.with a max 6GB RAM. It’s dissapointing not to see a 256GB SSD storage option as that could have been a way round the relatively slow 128GB drive. Toshiba doesn’t, as far as we know, have a 256GB in their ‘value’ SSD range so it could have come from a faster family of SSDs. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

The Core i7 version comes in at $1429 as a pre-configured Toshiba direct purchase that includes 6GB of RAM and a fingerprint reader. There’s no 3G option in the range although that is expected in Europe.

In Europe, you should see the first deliveries of the Core i5 version already in some shops at €999. Saturn, in Germany, already have it on stock and it’s expected in many other places within the week.

We’re expecting to get a review device either this week or next and, in related news, we should also be getting a Lenovo U300s for testing so keep checking back at

A promotional Z830 video from Toshiba is shown below. There are more videos and links in the Z830 specifications page.


Source: Toshiba

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  • Any chance to get “ultrabooks” with 15” screens soon?

    • Chippy

      I predict we’ll see the first 15″ devices in Q2 2012 on Ivy Bridge.

      • Ralph

        And only one company says they will be releasing one… Apple. It’s ridiculous that PC manufacturers are trying to make computers like Apple but then wait for Apple to release the specs that people actually want! This should have been done from day one! Shame on all of you (PC manufacturers).

  • Robert

    Good job Steve on keeping us up to date,

    I am in the market for an ultrabook and my eye is on the z830 but i would prefer the portege version with 6 gm ram and i7.

    Here in Germany on all the online shops to date i only see the satallite versions advertized and they are not even in the stores ?? I like to have the z830 underneath my christmas tree ! I wonder if i will manage ..?? Otherwise i feel tempted to the 13 inch samung series 9 .. which seems to offer a superior screen build and maybe faster ssd. and better webcam. (although maybe not as good a sound or probably just as ok?)

    Its only major drawback seems to be lower battery life possibly and of course those pesky mini-ports and reported conectivity problems (which i understand have been solved on the newer models?)

    Since i will use the webcam rather alot and i seem to hear that the samsung has a better webcam which would work better in less than ideal light conditions that´s another factor drawing me to a samsung even if it is a bit overpriced. I had a personaly rough year and i like to treat myself with something special so i dont mind spending a bit more. Hey it´s only money i cant eat it lol (and now i am not rich ;-)
    A bigger SSD would be nice as it might even be a quicker one. Otherwise if I can use my 64 gb sd card and let´s say a 32 GB usb I would have almost 100 GB extra without having to carry around
    an extral storage device.
    Chippy I know that like me you also have your eye on the z830. How do you think it will compare to a 13 inch samsung series 9 ?

    Herzliche Grüsse,


    PS: is it the Asus that blends all the intel and windows bumper stickers into the colour of their ultrabook design ? Why cant everbody do that ? Those things look just tacky on a higher priced laptop in my humble opinion

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