New Ultrabook: LG Xnote Z330

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LG has announced a new Ultrabook. the LG Xnote Z330 with a 13.3” display and a 1.2KG / 2.6lb weight.


The size of the notebook has been kept to a minimum through the use of the LG Shuriken display technology so you’ve effectively got a 13.3” screen in the space of a 12” laptop although looking at the Toshiba Z830 specifications, it’s the same width. The Xnote Z330 is up to 14.7mm thick and is said to have a 6hr battery life. The new Ultrabook is due for availability this month but there’s no word of availability outside South Korea at the moment.

LG Xnote Z330 Specifications:

  • Model : Z330-GE55K / Z330-GE30K
  • OS: Windows7 Home Premium (64bit)
  • Display: 13.3" LED back-light display (1366×768)
  • Processor: Core i7 2637M 1.7GHz / Core i5 2467m 1.6GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Storage: SSD 256GB (SATA3 6Gbps) / SSD 120GB (SATA3 6Gbps)
  • Network: Intel 802.11bgn 1×2 (up to 150Mbps)
  • Intel WiDi, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS (High speed)
  • Ports: USB3.0 (2x), MicroSD.
  • Size / Weight: 315 x 215 x 14.7 mm / 1.21 Kg

We also see a full-size HDMI port and headphone (possibly headset) port in addition to the specs listed in the press release.



Pricing is said to be between 1.7m – 2.6m Won ($1,509 – $1,863) but that sounds a little high for a competitive Ultrabook. We’re likely to get hands-on with this at the beginning of January when we attend CES.

We’ll get these specs in the database ASAP.

Press Release

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  • This looks gorgeous, love the thin screen bezel. If they nail the keyboard (no, not you UX21) i think LG could have a winner

  • Adam

    Wow, it looks like a UX31, except it actually has WIDI!
    The 6 hour battery is inexcusable, though.

    The Shruiken displays look amazing and would make this an even more attractive display. There’s no reason not to drive the screens to the outer edges and reduce the bezel size like this.

    If it really only gets 6 hours while casually surfing the internet/working working on a word doc with the display at 40% and wifi on, I’ll wait for the May re-release on Ivy Bridge and hope that they get the battery situation sorted.

    Sounds like a top-tier Ultrabook and possibily a UX31 challenger for the “price is not an object” crown.


    • Lerniq

      Ivy Bridge won’t change anything. The industry has finally gotten power consumption down through various techniques & we are making the laptops skinnier than ever, negating the positive effects. If history holds true, future laptops will have even lower power consumption but be even skinnier.

      In the ultraportable world we have been stuck at this 5-6hr mark for over half-a-decade now ever since the great Sony T’s versus Fujitsu P’s war, only back then they were alot thicker.

      *Only sub-ultraportables (netbooks) have ever consistently cracked the double digit barrier & they don’t really count considering their performance tradeoff’s.

      *This will only change when Windows goes primarily ARM & I suspect Apple is working right now into porting MacOS to ARM as well.

  • Adam

    963£ ?? -Did I do the conversion rate correctly? I know it’s got a lower res screen than the UX31 but it’s got the looks, that Shruiken display (which I’m hoping has some decent contrast), all for 963£?

    Need to see SSD numbers now… I hate waiting…


  • tim

    embarrassing! I hope apple succeeds to interdict this nasty macbook-air-fake.
    again one more reason NOT to buy devices from LG, Samsung, etc. …

  • Adam

    I honestly don’t understand your conclusion; please explain. How is getting a machine that is statistically matched to the mac book air (with a better looking but lower res display) for $300 cheaper a reason NOT to buy it?

    Put the money back in your pocket, or use it to buy a Kindle Fire AND $100 worth of Christmas presents…


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  • tim

    sure, i’ll explain that:

    As a “creative” I hate bad copies of good products. Fortunately, there are firms that employ and pay good designer to create outstanding products. I do not mind paying more money for that, because I know about all that development work.
    It’s not creative by any means to copy products, only to partake of the success – that’s thievery and should be punished. That’s why I would NEVER support this kind of behavior with my money!
    Apple is working in the tradition of one of the best designers on earth (Dieter Rams) and they uphold the tradition and the principles of him without simply copy him – that’s the difference.

    It’s good to know that copies will remain copies forever and never reach the value of the originals. LG, samsung (and so on) run continuously behind the development. The macbook air has been around for years now and soon it will be a new one. so it’s very innovative to copy this (still great products) right now. Great work – Congratulations LG! And very upfront too. ;-)
    And the conclusion: the LG running Windows. This gives the finishing blow to this bad copy!

    BTW: I had just ordered a few new mac‘s for our office but I still love the old ones becouse of their excellent design and workmanship. I even have a 12 years old eMac and it still looks great in a pure and clean surrounding. Show me any 12 y.o. PC – if there is one left on earth ;-)

    Best regards, tim

    may I suggest this:

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  • Kalle

    I love Dieter Rams as much as the next guy, but calling LG copycats isn’t exactly fair. Neither is bashing Windows, newest iteration of which is a great OS by any standard.

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