Gesture Support Coming to Ultrabooks

Posted on 09 January 2012 by

In the Intel Ultrabook press event this morning at CES we heard how user interface changes will be coming to Ultrabooks. Windows 8, touch and gestures were mentioned and we managed to capture a demo of a gesture based game on video. This is not something you’ll see on all Ultrabooks and this really is just a demonstrator but it’s interesting to think about how gestures could be applied to the standard Windows user interface.

ultrabook gesture

Check out the video below.

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  • Michael

    This is so silly. You know why touch screen desktops failed big time? Cause people have to time and energy to stretch their hands in discomfort to do swipes on a screen. They rather use a mouse, less taxing on the hand.

    The tablet on the other hand is light and can be carried easily, so, touchscreen is easy to use.

    Didn’t manufacturers learn from the failure of Toshiba’s Smartbook AC100?

  • r1y9a9n4

    well thats not smart :/. what about utrabooks that slide and flip over like the idea pad yoga, or they could separate into a tablet (like the transformer prime).

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