Samsung Launch New 15” Series 9 Notebook at CES

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Samsung has just launched the new Series 9 Ultrabook here at CES.

Information, live images and video below.

Update. The new Series 9 will be available in Q1 in 13.3 and 15” models. These are not officially Ultrabooks because of the price – it starts at $1399

Details available:

  • Single-shell aluminium body
  • Super Bright Plus Display
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Boots in 9.8 seconds
  • Wakes in 1.4 seconds
  • Up to 10 hours of battery
  • 15” screen
  • Weighs just over 3lb



Live Images

Samsung Series 9Samsung Series 9 (1)Samsung Series 9 (2)Samsung Series 9 (3)Samsung Series 9 (4)Samsung Series 9 (5)Samsung Series 9 (6)Samsung Series 9 (7)Samsung Series 9 (8)Samsung Series 9 (9)Samsung Series 9 (10)Samsung Series 9 (11)Samsung Series 9 (12)Samsung Series 9 (13)Samsung Series 9 (14)



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  • Robert

    Ok this is great news:)I like this as long as they fixed the weak wifi connectivity of previous series 9 models for good:-)I might actually get this if no ultrabook soon catches my heart:)

  • Robert

    what a beautiful device :-) this cheers me up nice job chippy

  • Adam

    Is it made of solid gold?!?! Weighs just over 3 lbs; not for the 15″; I just don’t believe that. The price is absolutely ridiculous unless you can stand on it and commute to work on it.

    I didn’t know smoking that stuff was legal in South Korea; they must be smoking something pretty strong to set a price of $1399 in this economy!


    • Michael

      Yeah, agree with you. Cannot believe its 3lb. Samsung has gone beserk. Instead of coming out with countless of models and confusing the public (though they think giving public a choice) and wasting millions on R & D, spend the money on existing models by lowering its cost and making it appeal to the masses.

      Apple is good. They just concentrate on a handful of notebook products and give us the best. The model last longer and has good resale value.

      Samsung should do some market research, nobody is going to carry a 15 inch notebook thinking its an ultrabook. I think the cut of point is 13.3. Even 14 inches won’t appeal to the masses.

      • mario

        explain it to apple – they are working now on 15″ airbook – I bet they will appreciate your precious thoughts

  • Robert

    haha Adam that´s another way looking at it well you have a point i should maybe focus on a few hundret less

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  • Jesper

    What is the graphics like on this one? Dedicated or onboard?

  • Robert

    Ok this one together with the upcomming HP Spectre and the Sony Ultrabook (who knows when it hit the shelves) are on my newly forming radar screen. Golirilla glass is a nice idea but why does the HP spectre be so much on the heavy side?

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